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    Disclosed is a method for preventing a network adapter from automatically powering down when the link is brought down on Microsoft Windows 95®, 98® and Millennium® operating systems.
    IPCOM000032242D | 2004-Oct-26
  2. 22.
    Disclosed is a method for a protocol extension for a standard management interface for IEEE 802.3. Benefits include improving the initialization speed of ports in a multi-port device.
    IPCOM000032241D | 2004-Oct-26
  3. 23.
    Disclosed is a method that uses a hard drive with a limited processing core to do virus scans while the drive is operating normally. Benefits include increasing protection from viruses without increasing the overhead of active scans on the host system CPU.
    IPCOM000032240D | 2004-Oct-26
  4. 24.
    Disclosed is a method for an algorithm that improves the read-request file transfer of physical RAID mirrors. Benefits include improving performance up to the limit of the number of devices on the controller bus, and the maximum transfer rate of the bus.
    IPCOM000032239D | 2004-Oct-26
  5. 25.
    In DB2 UDB v7.1, it is possible to create tables with columns that are of a structured type. Data in these columns are stored using an efficient embedded storage mechanism coupled with runtime codes that can process the storage format.
    IPCOM000032223D | Original Publication Date: 2004-Oct-26
  6. 26.
    Disclosed is a method for a new multi-core wire with an inner layer of Nickel and Copper, and an outer layer of Gold. Benefits include improving wire bond strength.
    IPCOM000032222D | 2004-Oct-26
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    Disclosed is a method which uses a built-in ATE power supply to extend the output power capability of an existing ATE device under test (DUT), while maintaining compatibility with existing test applications interfaces.
    IPCOM000032221D | 2004-Oct-26
  8. 28.
    Disclosed is a method that uses a low pass filter and voltage controlled oscillator to emulate a cooling fan for functional test purposes. Benefits include a solution that is more durable and costs less than a fan assembly.
    IPCOM000032220D | 2004-Oct-26
  9. 29.
    Disclosed is a method that uses an integrated spring-loaded BGA socket cover to reduce load on the package-to-board interconnect, and provide increased mechanical loads.
    IPCOM000032219D | 2004-Oct-26
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    Disclosed is a method that uses a functionally-graded low Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE) organic substrate that contains inorganic fillers; these fillers have negative thermal expansion in the substrate core, and on the front side alternative build–up films (ABF). Benefits include reducing thermal and...
    IPCOM000032218D | 2004-Oct-26