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  1. 31.
    The fabrication of certain high-performance semiconductor devices require the inclusion of deep trench dielectric isolation (DTDI) structures. These isolation structures have to be filled with a high temperature dielectric material that has excellent thermal stability, that is, a material which exhibits very little...
    IPCOM000038696D | Original Publication Date: 1987-Feb-01
  2. 32.
    This article describes a technique for automatically regulating signal strengths in broadband networks. The technique involves providing remotely adjustable micro-controlled amplifiers at the network nodes. The micro controllers are linked to the network to receive instructions from a central controller and transmit...
    IPCOM000038695D | Original Publication Date: 1987-Feb-01
  3. 33.
    This is a method of testing of silicon wafers by means of thermoreflectance measurements wherein an energy beam, preferably in the form of a laser beam, is used as a pump to energize specific points on a sample under test (e.g., a semiconductor wafer), causing low levels of heating of the sample at the point where the...
    IPCOM000038694D | Original Publication Date: 1987-Feb-01
  4. 34.
    A method is described to fit character and screen information into a limited number of Personal Computer (PC) registers for fast execution. The Online Presentation Control Language (OPCL) is a programming language designed to create stand-alone online presentations. An information developer (typically a...
    IPCOM000038693D | Original Publication Date: 1987-Feb-01
  5. 35.
    A technique is described whereby a slotted bracket, forming a part of the rear base assembly of a computer, is designed so as to allow installation of a series of circuit cards, which in turn have brackets attached to the base assembly. The slotted bracket is unique in that it forms a low impedance electrical ground...
    IPCOM000038692D | Original Publication Date: 1987-Feb-01
  6. 36.
    When a plasma of density N is created (as with a laser pump beam) in a well-defined spatial region of a Si wafer, Drude contributions modify the crystal's optical dielectric susceptibility e(l) in that region. Changes in e(l) or N are then monitored by measuring changes in the reflectivity (wR) and state of...
    IPCOM000038691D | Original Publication Date: 1987-Feb-01
  7. 37.
    This article describes an arrangement whereby a printed circuit card is held to a framework by a plurality of plastic standoffs that snap in place either along an edge of the card or through holes in the card. These standoffs can be used interchangeably in these positions. Plastic standoffs are now used to hold the...
    IPCOM000038690D | Original Publication Date: 1987-Feb-01
  8. 38.
    A non-destructive, remote testing of silicon wafers by the observation of photo-luminescence (PL) characteristics from a silicon wafer in an imaging mode at room temperature exposes various types of wafer defects that are detrimental to the ultimate performance of the inscribed circuitry. Flashlamps 11 (with...
    IPCOM000038689D | Original Publication Date: 1987-Feb-01
  9. 39.
    A technique is described whereby a machine enclosure, as used to cover components in a personal computer, is fabricated in such a way as to integrally fit into a front and bottom housing section of the machine, enabling the machine cover to be first lowered into position and then slid to the rear so that various...
    IPCOM000038688D | Original Publication Date: 1987-Feb-01
  10. 40.
    This article describes a means of grounding the housing of a personal computer (PC) by contact engagement between formed spring tabs on the cover and guide rails on the base of the frame. In order to maximize the electrical shielding capability of the PC enclosure assembly, i.e., to reduce the possibility that...
    IPCOM000038687D | Original Publication Date: 1987-Feb-01