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    The IBM Technical Disclosure Bulletin Vol. 15, No. 9, February 1973, at pages 2736 and 2737 describes an electrophotographic copying apparatus, whose document glass includes a grid pattern whose capacity changes when a conductive document is placed thereon. Information which is not to be copied is recorded on this...
    IPCOM000083127D | Original Publication Date: 1975-Apr-01
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    Disclosed is a method that integrates commercially available electrostatic discharge (ESD) monitors and statistical process controls (SPC) with wireless technology (e.g. WiFi, Bluetooth). Benefits include being able to easily implement real-time ESD monitors within a production facility without the need to lay out...
    IPCOM000083126D | 2005-Mar-01
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    This device, which may be hand-held, enables one to rapidly and accurately measure the diameter of a laser beam, and to investigate its intensity profile.
    IPCOM000083125D | Original Publication Date: 1975-Apr-01
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    Disclosed is a method for a substrate with a recessed pad. Benefits include improved functionality, improved reliability, improved throughput, and improved yield.
    IPCOM000083124D | 2005-Feb-28
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    The system, as depicted herein, describes a reel-to-reel control system with control loops for enabling low-speed operation (i.e., speed below 20 RPM of the DC motors. DC motors generally operate at speeds of 100 to 5,000 RPM. At speeds below 20 RPM, DC motors are susceptible to speed variations resulting from...
    IPCOM000083123D | Original Publication Date: 1975-Apr-01
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    Disclosed is a method for a tape-automated-bonding stacked chip scale package (TAB-SCSP). Benefits include improved functionality and improved performance.
    IPCOM000083122D | 2005-Mar-01
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    Common memory apparatus shared by a plurality of host CPU's, each host having an independent set of virtual address spaces, require memory-actuated operations on real disk type memory devices supporting the independent virtual addressing. Each host has independently operating chains of commands for effecting a...
    IPCOM000083121D | Original Publication Date: 1975-Apr-01
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    Disclosed is a method for wafer-level underfill for copper bump technology. Benefits include improved functionality, reliability, design flexibility, throughput time, and process simplicity.
    IPCOM000083120D | 2005-Feb-28
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    Disclosed is a method for a through silicon via interconnect application on wirebond (WB) silicon. Benefits include improved functionality, improved performance, and improved design flexibility.
    IPCOM000083119D | 2005-Feb-28
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    Satisfactory firmware (microcode) and hardware performances are checked for proper operation by program address monitoring. The program address monitoring checks to see whether or not a specific instruction stored in memory is executed within a specified length of time. In this mode, the processor check simply...
    IPCOM000083118D | Original Publication Date: 1975-Apr-01