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  1. 161.
    Disclosed is a heat insulating mechanism using a fan airflow.
    IPCOM000117957D | Original Publication Date: 1996-Jul-01
  2. 162.
    Most graphical user interfaces allow the user to perform certain operations in an intuitive way using a combination of mouse buttons and shift keys. These operations can usually be performed in other ways (i.e., using only the keyboard or only the mouse) but these alternatives are generally less intuitive and slower...
    IPCOM000117956D | Original Publication Date: 1996-Jul-01
  3. 163.
    Disclosed is a method for passing status information (both text messages and absolute progress) from within an object performing a long sequence of tasks to a software application. This method is useful for programmers who want to build applications that give constant, useful feedback to users, assuring them that...
    IPCOM000117955D | Original Publication Date: 1996-Jul-01
  4. 164.
    Disclosed is one solution to avoid an excessive buildup of debris on head sliders used in a disk drive employing load/unload.
    IPCOM000117954D | Original Publication Date: 1996-Jul-01
  5. 165.
    This invention offers a method for helping a programmer select a foreground color that provides a maximum contrast against a given background color.
    IPCOM000117953D | Original Publication Date: 1996-Jul-01
  6. 166.
    Disclosed is a method to produce variable groove depth grating waveguide couplers on planar waveguides using ion beam etching and a specially shaped aperture.
    IPCOM000117952D | Original Publication Date: 1996-Jul-01
  7. 167.
    Disclosed is a method of integrating the X/Open* Portability Guide Release 4 (XPG4) Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) into the OS/2** operating system so that the default behavior of these APIs will conform to the normal OS/2 country environment. The XPG4 standard dictates that the normal default processing...
    IPCOM000117951D | Original Publication Date: 1996-Jul-01
  8. 168.
    Disclosed is a method to test a number of memory product cards simultaneously using, for example, a MD407 Memory Tester. This drastically reduces the number of Testers required.
    IPCOM000117950D | Original Publication Date: 1996-Jul-01
  9. 169.
    Methods of disk drive servowriting, known as self-servowrite, have been previously described (*). These methods are based on the presence of crash stops demarcating the Inner Diameter (ID) and Outer Diameter (OD) boundaries of the disk(s) to begin and end the self-servowrite process.
    IPCOM000117949D | Original Publication Date: 1996-Jul-01
  10. 170.
    Dislosed is a 1/4-inch Dry Cleaning Cartridge which will allow for preventive head cleaning without the use of chemicals or solvents.
    IPCOM000117948D | Original Publication Date: 1996-Jul-01