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  1. 201.
    Disclosed is a method abstracting the Intel 8042* Microcontroller as a dual-channel Universal Asynchronous Receiver-Transmitter (UART), so that the microcontroller can be treated as a generic byte stream device, such as a standard 16550 UART. With this abstraction, much of the common byte stream code from the UART...
    IPCOM000117917D | Original Publication Date: 1996-Jul-01
  2. 202.
    Many of today's microprocessors have dispatch queues where instructions are held until the execution units that are to execute the instructions are free to do so. These microprocessors also have completion queues; when an instruction has been executed by the execution unit, the unit signals the completion queue to...
    IPCOM000117916D | Original Publication Date: 1996-Jul-01
  3. 203.
    Disclosed is the integrated method to minimize the increase of Power On Reset (POR) time when the following two important functions during POR sequence are implemented. One function is the sweeping of the particles on disk surfaces using slider edge for Thermal Asperity (TA) prevention. Another is the measurement...
    IPCOM000117915D | Original Publication Date: 1996-Jul-01
  4. 204.
    The disclosed method provides the ability for an instant message session to be marked as confidential and handled accordingly. The instant message session can be marked confidential by the initiator or through filters that auto-detect if confidential material is contained in the session .
    IPCOM000117914D | Original Publication Date: 2005-Mar-31
  5. 205.
    Disclosed is a mechanism to better utilize multiple execution engines in a functional unit with resource limitations. Stalling instructions within the engines when limited resources are unavailable provides higher performance than restricting concurrent use of the multiple engines.
    IPCOM000117913D | Original Publication Date: 1996-Jul-01
  6. 206.
    It is a well known problem that any attempt to frequency modulate an oscillator that is embedded in a phase locked loop, will lose the modulation frequency components from the modulated spectrum that are lower in frequency than the cutoff frequency of the loop lowpass filter. It is also a well known solution to this...
    IPCOM000117912D | Original Publication Date: 1996-Jul-01
  7. 207.
    All full duplex radio links with simple FM modulation of the transmit oscillator, require a second oscillator for the receiver local oscillator. For very high frequencies, this extra oscillator is at the high frequency, and consequently is costly. This invention eliminates the need for the second high frequency...
    IPCOM000117911D | Original Publication Date: 1996-Jul-01
  8. 208.
    Disclosed is a method for obtaining the relative error signal of a galvano mirror angle by using a differential signal created by the optical spots which are projected to the two detectors through an auto-collimator type package of detectors.
    IPCOM000117910D | Original Publication Date: 1996-Jul-01
  9. 209.
    This invention provides a method and implementation of adding more devices to a Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) bus than the existing system arbiter can handle. It does so by sharing multiple request/grant pairs on one of the arbiter's request/grant lines. The invention provides methods and implementations...
    IPCOM000117909D | Original Publication Date: 1996-Jul-01
  10. 210.
    In managing message queues an operating system may permit an application to peek the contents of messages currently on the queue, and then delete an element from any position in the queue depending on its contents. When attempting to remove elements from an empty queue, it is desirable that the application be able to...
    IPCOM000117908D | Original Publication Date: 1996-Jul-01