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  1. 271.
    In contact start/stop disk drive systems, such as portable disk drive systems, reliability is enhanced if the recording head never leaves the start/stop zone during the power off state even under external shock. Such portable disk drive systems must withstand shock of greater than 50 K rad/sec2 radial acceleration. ...
    IPCOM000117847D | Original Publication Date: 1996-Jun-01
  2. 272.
    Disclosed is a High-aperture ratio Thin Film Transistor/Liquid Crystal Display (TFT/LCD) pixel structure which has electrical floating metal running parallel to the Signal-line. This metal assists the aperture ratio up because it shields the Back-Light and reduces the color-filter Black-Matrix area. The first...
    IPCOM000117846D | Original Publication Date: 1996-Jun-01
  3. 273.
    Some microprocessors use the concept of the "rename bus" in the place of rename registers. These buses have keeper latches attached to them so that they maintain any logic level that has been momentarily driven onto them by "rename drivers". Such drivers reside in any execution unit required to place result data...
    IPCOM000117845D | Original Publication Date: 1996-Jun-01
  4. 274.
    Disclosed is a method to improve the data stability arround the sampling area to avoid bad sampling due to external EMC, ESD, crosstalk or bad contacts. Generally, a simple oversampling method is generally used to overcome this problem on existing implementations. But transitions of data are also oversampled which...
    IPCOM000117844D | Original Publication Date: 1996-Jun-01
  5. 275.
    Thin film inductive and magnetoresistive heads require a tight control of written bit patterns in hard disk drives. This is translated into the so-called P2 track width, which is the lateral dimension of the second pole piece near the write gap.
    IPCOM000117843D | Original Publication Date: 1996-Jun-01
  6. 276.
    Disclosed is an architecture which gives a solution for micro program debugging in a Microprocessing Unit (MPU) and Asic integrated Large Scale Integration (LSI). This architecture achieves a complete In Circuit Emulation (ICE) function for the integrated LSI with a small pin count adding and by sharing a memory in...
    IPCOM000117842D | Original Publication Date: 1996-Jun-01
  7. 277.
    Disclosed is a method to share the math coprocesser error (IRQ13) interrupt in a personal computer.
    IPCOM000117841D | Original Publication Date: 1996-Jun-01
  8. 278.
    The mechanism of this invention uses serial links in a packet switched mechanism. The packets of a specific message are kept together through a mechanism they call a "virtual channel". A virtual channel message can transmit a sequential block of data from one process to a remote process. The virtual channel is on...
    IPCOM000117840D | Original Publication Date: 1996-Jun-01
  9. 279.
    Disclosed is a new color image quantization algorithm specifically for stereoscopic image display systems that use a lenticular array (an array of cylindrical lenslets) and a high-resolution color Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) panel. In quantizing the original true-color (24 or more bits per pixel) Three Dimension...
    IPCOM000117839D | Original Publication Date: 1996-Jun-01
  10. 280.
    Fig. 1 shows a graph showing the velocity of a head in each position on a disk in a sweep mode. This new method can achieve to sweep all tracks by a head Air Bearing Surface (ABS) edge.
    IPCOM000117838D | Original Publication Date: 1996-Jun-01