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  1. 91.
    A device to controll the push to talk button of a multimodal browser by foot. (Step-to-Talk)
    IPCOM000125906D | Original Publication Date: 2005-Jun-21
  2. 92.
    This document presents and discusses various configurations of CMP (Chip Multiprocessor) and SOC (System on a Chip) chips. In particular, the document discusses integration of components into CMP and SOC chips and into packages containing systems with a CMP and/or SOC chip or chips. A CMP system is a system...
    IPCOM000125905D | 2005-Jun-21
  3. 93.
    IPCOM000125902D | Original Publication Date: 2005-Jun-21
  4. 94.
    Writing makefiles can become extremely complex depending on a number of factors such as number of tags to be executed, platforms supported, configurations like debug/NonDebug etc.. Not only writing but maintenance of these makefiles can be nightmare as well. There are some solutions available help in automating...
    IPCOM000125901D | Original Publication Date: 2005-Jun-20
  5. 95.
    The proposed self-service graphical web tool can be used to submit & retrieve issues & resolutions. Along with this, the self-service process of submitting error descriptions & resolutions by all teams involved, needs to be enforced. The advantages include an easy & efficient way of organizing, locating, viewing...
    IPCOM000125900D | Original Publication Date: 2005-Jun-20
  6. 96.
    The proposed solution provides for a fail-safe, nondisruptive confirmation of email receipt in the form of a green symbol or green icon which appears with the sent email in the "Sent" folder. The symbol appears as soon as receipt is confirmed.
    IPCOM000125899D | Original Publication Date: 2005-Jun-20
  7. 97.
    Disclosed is a device that allows one to scan items and total merchandise while shopping. This 'Budget Keeper' gives the shopper an on-going account of the purchase, allows price checks and saves time at checkout.
    IPCOM000125898D | Original Publication Date: 2005-Jun-20
  8. 98.
    The proposed solution provides a way to store the cross-reference URLs in a browser Favorites folder and then to open all the cross-referened links simultaneously without opening one by one manually.
    IPCOM000125897D | Original Publication Date: 2005-Jun-20
  9. 99.
    A method is disclosed for handling an initialization failure of a noncritical component in a computer processing system without impacting the users of the component.
    IPCOM000125896D | Original Publication Date: 2005-Jun-20
  10. 100.
    Unlike the conventional proactive meeting invitation technique, the invention proposes a reactive technique whereby the planner postpones choosing a specific time for the meeting invitation and waits until all participants have responded with their intent to attend the meeting and their time preferences for the...
    IPCOM000125895D | Original Publication Date: 2005-Jun-20