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    A universal interface between local MRI coils and pre-amplifiers decomposes the interface function into standard modules, which may be assembled together, reused and/or individually tailored to particular applications.
    IPCOM000127548D | 2005-Aug-31
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    This technology permits a cell phone to be used as a remote control for kiosks and other displays.
    IPCOM000127547D | 2005-Aug-31
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    Disclosed is a method that selectively deposits tantalum oxynitride (TaOXNY) films. This decreases the number of process steps in mask manufacturing by eliminating the etch step. Benefits include a solution that simplifies the manufacturing process and increases CD linearity in the patterning step.
    IPCOM000127546D | 2005-Aug-31
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    A bulk polymerization process for the preparation of modified polymeric products is disclosed including charging continuously into a reaction zone at least one ethylenically unsaturated acid-functional monomer and optionally at least one alkanol having the formula ROH, where R is a linear or branched chain alkyl...
    IPCOM000127545D | 2005-Aug-31
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    The problem addressed is Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) in an asymmetric multilingual context: in such a cultural environment, speakers of one language (hereafter called main language) are often using words of another language (influencing language), and pronouncing them with near-native accent. A common example...
    IPCOM000127544D | Original Publication Date: 2005-Aug-31
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    Development of a dry chain lubricant based on a Fischer Tropsch (FT) wax emulsion.
    IPCOM000127543D | 2005-Aug-31
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    Device for conditioning and dispensing layers of filter paper/pads for smoking articles. The device allows layers of paper to be conditioned prior to use in machine smoking tests according to standard conditions, in particular for testing the ignition propensity of a cigartte. The apparatus is cylindrical and stores...
    IPCOM000127542D | 2005-Aug-31
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    IPCOM000127541D | 2005-Aug-31
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    Our current HDD has a system ECC function in order to detect and correct DRAM error. 1 symbol error per page (512 byte +ECC) can be corrected by system ECC function, but 2 or more errors per page causes hardware failure. If bad memory locations are registered and never used, the availability and reliability of the...
    IPCOM000127540D | 2005-Aug-31
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    To realize Spiral Format(No latency sequential access), it is necessary to establish ID table creation concurrently with media access. That is, simple defect entry for ID table creation is required. Defect entry with skew factor can minimize latency of head change of banded format structure on Spiral Format.
    IPCOM000127539D | 2005-Aug-31