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    Lots of ideas, large and small, general and detailed, regarding a video communication system (“TV communication” was Sony Japan’s term) implemented as a part of a set of wireless handheld TVs (devices in a form factor similar to a tablet PC, intended to receive media (video+audio) streamed from a central base – called...
    IPCOM000127451D | 2005-Aug-30
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    A Power-Line Communications (PLC) device is described. The invented device will help increase communication speed between two PLC devices that are located close to one another. This invented device looks similar to the well-known wall-mounted power-strip conventionally used as a “plug-replicator”. (Other physical...
    IPCOM000127450D | 2005-Aug-30
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    In many countries, analog broadcast radio services also offer digital data serviced, such as RDS or text services. Digital audio radio broadcasts whether terrestrial or satellite also offer digital data services. In addition to time and navigation related information, program content information is available or can...
    IPCOM000127446D | 2005-Aug-30
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    As of today, video games have the capability to save the play context in a storage media typically in a non-volatile memory media so that player can save the current state of the game and restore it at later time after the game console is powered off. This is better than restarting the game all over again each time. ...
    IPCOM000127445D | 2005-Aug-30
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    This IDF describes a small, cellular-based device (aka “the unit”) used to communicate with appliances and devices in the home, car, garage, RV, etc. The unit allows the user to monitor and change the state of appliances and other equipment connected or available to it. The user might call the cellular phone number...
    IPCOM000127447D | 2005-Aug-30
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    An efficient method for digital devices to self-identify network resources and self-provision without operator or customer intervention, setup menus or preloading of data. This technology enables universally transportable devices.
    IPCOM000127448D | 2005-Aug-30
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    Consider Microsoft NetMeeting, wherein a user can "share" (allow to be seen by other participants) either their entire desktop, or only selected programs. In the latter mode, when the computer whose programs are shared has in the foreground a window that has not been shared, all other participants see a monotonous...
    IPCOM000127436D | 2005-Aug-30
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    A technique to improve the voltage drop and die size by correctly specifying the aspect ratio of a chip is being proposed. The idea, being disclosed, talks about the direction in which the aspect ratio of a chip should be chosen so as to improve the voltage drop and its distribution. If the metal flow directions and...
    IPCOM000127444D | 2005-Aug-30
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    The idea being disclosed talks about an innovative way of the power grid design for ultra deep submicron technologies thereby gaining in terms of both the IR drop and routability of the design. This kind of power grid design will be good for any technology. But, it will be specially helpful in reducing die size for...
    IPCOM000127443D | 2005-Aug-30
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    Disclosed is a method for opportunistic hardware prefetches that are subject to demand fetch. Benefits include improved functionality and improved performance.
    IPCOM000127442D | 2005-Aug-30