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  1. 71.
    Formulation of non-dairy whipped toppings and icings using unhydrogenated oils which result in nearly zero or a trace amount of trans fat in the finished product
    IPCOM000127379D | 2005-Aug-26
  2. 72.
    IPCOM000127371D | Original Publication Date: 2005-Aug-26
  3. 73.
    This article sets forth a technique for automatically correcting for skew when video is being transmitted on 3 pairs of wires, such as in a CAT5 cable. The skew error results from the cable having multiple pairs of slightly different in length, causing the colors to arrive at the monitor at different times. This...
    IPCOM000127370D | 2005-Aug-25
  4. 74.
    A system, method and computer program product are provided for calculating the cost of an advertisement. Initially, data reflecting an advertisement and usage of the advertisement may be provided. Such data may be provided by utilizing an input device. The data provided may then be rated, utilizing a processor in...
    IPCOM000127369D | 2005-Aug-25
  5. 75.
    A disk drive flex cable/J-block system using qualified glue/adhesive material to secure the boundary condition is disclosed. The proposed method is a cost and dynamic effective manner to reduce the induced flex cable on read/write head seeking position error TMR and to increase seek performance in higher track...
    IPCOM000127368D | 2005-Aug-25
  6. 76.
    Space is of primary concern with the decrease in size of small disk drives. Performance features and components need to be squeezed into smaller and smaller areas. The combining of parts utilizes the available space most efficiently. A dessicant filter is a main component in the drive and takes up a considerable...
    IPCOM000127367D | 2005-Aug-25
  7. 77.
    This invention discloses the use of submicron fluorescent microspheres to simulate particulate contamination in the disk drive and its components such as sliders. With the use of an epifluorescence microscope, the submicron fluorescent microspheres are readily visible even using low magnification (eg. 100x). This...
    IPCOM000127366D | 2005-Aug-25
  8. 78.
    This invention discloses the use of an aqueous corrosion inhibitor (commercially available RP-1/EG-41 from NuGen Tech.) during post-polish cleaning to effectively inhibit metal corrosion of the metallic write poles in a thin film magnetic head wafer. Without the addition of the corrosion inhibitor, the metal would...
    IPCOM000127365D | 2005-Aug-25
  9. 79.
    In a typical windowing environment, when multiple program windows are open, it is not currently possible to see the contents of, or to control (i.e. minimize, maximize or shut down) a "window" object that is out of view without either bringing that program window into view or otherwise leaving the current window. ...
    IPCOM000127364D | Original Publication Date: 2005-Aug-25
  10. 80.
    Discloses a method and system for extending operations and their associated model objects.
    IPCOM000127363D | Original Publication Date: 2005-Aug-25