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    Typing while driving is exceptionally hard and certainly dangerous. By adapting technology used in US Air Force Heads Up displays and incorporating it as part of an overall handheld solution, a safer and more effective means of handheld operation can be achieved. If fighter pilots can fly and shoot down targets at...
    IPCOM000130459D | 2005-Oct-31
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    A display of a list of files on a device with a small screen cannot show much information without the user’s scrolling horizontally. In this invention, the most important information is bolded, while less important information is not emphasized or is drawn with muted colors. This way, other information can be in the...
    IPCOM000130460D | 2005-Oct-31
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    A wireless handheld device needs to know the time in UTC, as well as the time zone at its current location. This is so that meetings in different timezones can be scheduled properly. This is also a Java requirement. Setting the timezone is already an improvement over setting the device time after the user lands from...
    IPCOM000130461D | 2005-Oct-31
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    Currently with wireless handheld devices, it is impossible to view, update and share calendar events among a group of users that is not part of a common enterprise workgroup, typically within a medium to large company. This invention proposes a method whereby a group of individuals that do not share a common corporate...
    IPCOM000130462D | 2005-Oct-31
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    The big question in wireless security is, how can one trust someone enough to allow them access to a resource? When it comes to wireless, everything is out in the open. Anyone whocares to may listen in or eavesdrop on a wireless transmission. That is an inherent characteristic of wireless communication. Such concerns...
    IPCOM000130463D | 2005-Oct-31
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    Explore the GSM phone call setup procedure, extract the incoming call number information from L3 call control message9s) to do an auto call screening on mobile devices based on user's setting, simulating end user's operation to reject the unwanted phone calls automatically without disturbing/ringing the user, to...
    IPCOM000130464D | 2005-Oct-31
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    Often one sends a message to his / her manager. For example, one might type the following email to his manaer. Sample 1: Please approve of the purchase of $500 tp be charged to the cost centre 12345
    IPCOM000130465D | 2005-Oct-31
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    Email priority categorization differ from person to person, for example, one scenario may be: A . higher priority emails from my superior (CEO, manager, etc.) and high priority messages sent by any other sender B. low priority message that the user sets (i.e., CNN news, association group messages,...
    IPCOM000130466D | 2005-Oct-31
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    When the vibrate option on a mobile device is enabled and the device is placed on a hard surface such as a table top, the execution of the vibrate option creates unusual behavior. Some behaviours that are observed are as follows: • On a hard surface a very loud noise may occur depending on the nature of the surface....
    IPCOM000130647D | 2005-Oct-31
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    Multiple users of mobile devices may have a difficult time locating each other in a crowded area without useful landmarks. For examples, coworkers attending a conference, a lecture or a concert may find it difficult to find each other in the crowd. One proposed solution is to implement a request location application...
    IPCOM000130646D | 2005-Oct-31