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    When the vibrate option on a mobile device is enabled and the device is placed on a hard surface such as a table top, the execution of the vibrate option creates unusual behavior. Some behaviours that are observed are as follows: • On a hard surface a very loud noise may occur depending on the nature of the surface....
    IPCOM000130647D | 2005-Oct-31
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    Multiple users of mobile devices may have a difficult time locating each other in a crowded area without useful landmarks. For examples, coworkers attending a conference, a lecture or a concert may find it difficult to find each other in the crowd. One proposed solution is to implement a request location application...
    IPCOM000130646D | 2005-Oct-31
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    There is no easy way to detect database-record changes. In order to detect changes, a program has to pull data down to the client and compare with cached values. This process is expensive and should be avoided. One proposed solution is to create a table that stores details about each change to the database...
    IPCOM000130645D | 2005-Oct-31
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    On devices that have large inboxes containing a large number of emails, if the email applications sorts the messages by "sent time", the incoming emails sent from devices without synchronization clocks may wind up at the bottom of the Inbox. This makes the user experience terrible when it takes time to browse all the...
    IPCOM000130644D | 2005-Oct-31
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    Currently there exists no method to check the spelling of words using a sophisticated spelling and grammar checker on a mobile device. For e-mails being sent from high profile mobile device users, these spelling errors are something that is needed to be avoided. One proposed solution is to have an e-mail sent to...
    IPCOM000130643D | 2005-Oct-31
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    Purpose is to provide attributes to a buddylist name which enlist a heterogeneous network of alias addresses that enable a single Buddylist item to provide a chat session over other transport mechanisms transparent to the user initiating the Chat
    IPCOM000130642D | Original Publication Date: 2005-Oct-31
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    Currently, mobile devices on different networks (i.e., GSM, CDMA, 802.11) cannot communicate with each other. It would be nice if two or more mobile devices could communicate with each other. The proposed solution is that if one of these devices is in coverage and both devices have a means to communicate via a common...
    IPCOM000130620D | 2005-Oct-31
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    Background -------------------- In an On Demand world, performance is not just a good thing to have - it can make or break a business. Hence it is essential to be able to predict system resource requirements, and configure the same to optimal values with minimal monitoring or trial and error. Performance...
    IPCOM000130619D | Original Publication Date: 2005-Oct-31
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    IPCOM000130618D | 2005-Oct-31
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    Computer processors produce tremendous heat that is normally simply blown into the atmosphere by cooling fans. This proposes to harness that heat as a power source with the generated power being used to allow the computer to run more economically.
    IPCOM000130617D | Original Publication Date: 2005-Oct-31