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    People interested in astronomy generally are not able to buy a high professional telescope to satisfy their curiosity because such equipment is too expensive. This article deals with a simple method to get excellent quality vision together with a computer based and low cost equipment providing a satisfactory user...
    IPCOM000132569D | Original Publication Date: 2005-Dec-22
  2. 92.
    Disclosed is a card shaped peripheral device which may be connected to a standard USB A-type receptacle that protrudes from a computer’s body or connects to a computer via a cable using appropriately distanced slits.
    IPCOM000132567D | 2005-Dec-22
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    IPCOM000132566D | 2005-Dec-22
  4. 94.
    IPCOM000132565D | 2005-Dec-22
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    IPCOM000132564D | Original Publication Date: 2005-Dec-22
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    IPCOM000132560D | 2005-Dec-21
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    IPCOM000132556D | 2005-Dec-21
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    IPCOM000132552D | 2005-Dec-21
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    This is a software feature envisioned for the Spectris Solaris injector, though it could also be applied to other injector systems. It introduces a reporting mechanism for operational data relating to the injector, to all users to trend and analyze their injector usage.
    IPCOM000132551D | 2005-Dec-21
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    Technology currently exists to produce Flexible Optical Circuits (FOC). This technology can be utilized to produce MRI Flexible Circuits, (MRIFC). First of all optical fibers might be useful for determining the magnet field strength of the coil, but would be useless for the MRI application. Substituting metal wires...
    IPCOM000132550D | 2005-Dec-21