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  1. 101.
    The Product Quoting Tool is an Excel VBA program. The tool accomplishes several tasks in one. A quote for a product, such as a MEDRAD medical injector, can be created while working with someone at a site, giving them a very accurate picture as to how much the product with the selected options is going to cost. This...
    IPCOM000132549D | 2005-Dec-21
  2. 102.
    This invention is an improvement over current venous access technologies. Current venous access methods feature some type of imaging technology that is either displayed onto a screen that is remote from the injection site, or projected onto the skin of the injection site. The following invention allows for improved...
    IPCOM000132548D | 2005-Dec-21
  3. 103.
    This invention describes the addition of cross-linkable resin to classical damping formulations, in order to have a stiffening function in addition to the existing damping function.
    IPCOM000132547D | 2005-Dec-21
  4. 104.
    Many corporations advise their employees to turn off their computers or other electronically controlled devices before leaving work each day in order to reduce electrical costs. However, the lost work time waiting for computers to reboot the next day may be far more costly than the electricity. In order to reduce the...
    IPCOM000132546D | 2005-Dec-21
  5. 105.
    Disclosed are cosmetic compositions containing new active ingredients, which comprise natural polysaccharides, preferably ß-1,3-glucanes of mean Molecular Weight of 1 to 12 million, such as the product which may be isolated from the fungi Sclerotium, Lentillium or Schizophyllium (scleroglucan, lentinan,...
    IPCOM000132545D | 2005-Dec-21
  6. 106.
    IPCOM000132534D | Original Publication Date: 2005-Dec-21
  7. 107.
    Currently when a user is working in a multiple window environment, it is difficult for a user to control the configuration of that window in that environment. That is for example, the location, size, of the window and how content is rendered (i.e adjusting text size or omitting graphics) in the window. This...
    IPCOM000132532D | Original Publication Date: 2005-Dec-20
  8. 108.
    Today, a user has many userids and passwords to access many web sites, applications, etc. Moment you launch a browser, and access online banking, bill payment, confidential material, airline booking, and much more, one needs to remember multiple userid/passwords. This article outlines a proposal that includes a...
    IPCOM000132531D | Original Publication Date: 2005-Dec-20
  9. 109.
    Java HTTP Automation Tester (JHAT) framework is designed for testers to easily write test logic and play back HTTP flow with configurable concurrent users against a specified host. To develop a test scenario, a tester only needs to write the logic in Java using the application programming interfaces (API?s)...
    IPCOM000132530D | Original Publication Date: 2005-Dec-20
  10. 110.
    Disclosed is a control that allows the selection of a value or values within a group of values where values are subsets or supersets of other values. The control facilitates usability by automatically selecting subset values or deselecting superset values of a selection that is made. This control can also be...
    IPCOM000132529D | Original Publication Date: 2005-Dec-20