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  1. 111.
    This article covers a solution for the rigidity of administration consoles for network and application management, which often impose the internal product design onto end-users. At the root of the problem is the fact that the personnel involved in internal product design often has an academic and highly structured...
    IPCOM000132528D | Original Publication Date: 2005-Dec-20
  2. 112.
    An expandable screw-less vehicle attachment device is provided for fastening articles to a vehicle. The device is shown as an expandable bracket that is particularly suited for attaching components such as sun visor assemblies to a structural steel panel in a vehicle interior. The bracket includes a stationary portion...
    IPCOM000132527D | 2005-Dec-20
  3. 113.
    This paper presents a simple yet effective method for providing reliable Layer 2 broadcast and multicast over a WLAN or other broadcast domain. Although the methods described here are not specific to WLAN, they will have the most benefit on wireless media because these medium have a higher bit error rate than wired...
    IPCOM000132526D | Original Publication Date: 2005-Dec-20
  4. 114.
    A cementing plug having a jetting nozzle configuration and improved wiping characteristics. The cementing plug has a plug subassembly with a body member and an elastomeric jacket on the body member. The cementing plug has a shearable insert (rupture disc) positioned on the lower end so that when the bottom plug lands...
    IPCOM000132525D | 2005-Dec-20
  5. 115.
    System to make in real time an inventory of goods on a shelf
    IPCOM000132524D | Original Publication Date: 2005-Dec-20
  6. 116.
    Method and system for automatically adapting the RFID reading power depending on reading conditions
    IPCOM000132523D | Original Publication Date: 2005-Dec-20
  7. 117.
    A graphical user interface (GUI) typically displays numerous icons at any one time. Coincidentally, two or more of these icons may resemble one another in size, colour and appearance. A user may therefore inadvertently select one icon in mistake for another, even though they may not be in close proximity on the...
    IPCOM000132522D | Original Publication Date: 2005-Dec-20
  8. 118.
    This article proposes a novel parallel matching method applied in crossbar-based packet-switching devices. It allows high-quality matchings to be computed over multiple time slots and to be issued in every time slot. The method improves on the existing pipelined implementations by eliminating communication...
    IPCOM000132521D | Original Publication Date: 2005-Dec-20
  9. 119.
    IPCOM000132509D | Original Publication Date: 2005-Dec-20
  10. 120.
    It is known that women desire discreteness when having to take pads to a public restrooms to change. The more hidden in the hand the more preferred. Most pouched pads are proportionally much larger than the standard women’s hand making the task of hiding the pad impossible. Additional, It is also known that closer...
    IPCOM000132508D | 2005-Dec-19