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  1. 141.
    The method described in this invention allows creating new services to customers in a shop, in order to ease and optimise their pruchases by using a mobile device (such as a cell phone) communicating with the shop. The approach is based on correlations between customer's and goods'greographical localisation inferred...
    IPCOM000133344D | 2006-Jan-24
  2. 142.
    IPCOM000133343D | 2006-Jan-24
  3. 143.
    A digital input signal is delayed in a programmable fashion by propagating it through a series of delay elements. Each delay element consists of three tri-statable buffers connected in parallel. In the delay element, one of the three buffers has a high threshold voltage, one of the buffers has a low threshold...
    IPCOM000133342D | 2006-Jan-24
  4. 144.
    This invention introduces a mechanism to compute and use to use relaxed queries for close but non-strictly related queries. This improves performance, as database round trips are reduced. Database round trips are the most important factor affecting application performance.
    IPCOM000133341D | Original Publication Date: 2006-Jan-24
  5. 145.
    This article describes a method for optimizing the effects of resource allocation decisions in a system of loosely-coupled, hierarchical resource managers. In such systems, a resource manager must frequently operate with incomplete knowledge of (and no ability to accurately predict) the effect its decisions will...
    IPCOM000133340D | Original Publication Date: 2006-Jan-24
  6. 146.
    IPCOM000133339D | 2006-Jan-24
  7. 147.
    IPCOM000133338D | 2006-Jan-24
  8. 148.
    The invention relates generally, to a lookup table technique for obtaining a position and orientation seed for electromagnetic tracking. This lookup table seed technique allows coil architectures not suitable for the dipole approximation to be considered for EM tracking systems. Accordingly, this opens opportunities...
    IPCOM000133320D | 2006-Jan-24
  9. 149.
    The invention relates to an efficient image transmitting method in wireless X-ray imaging system. After X-ray exposure, the X-Ray detector send an image with lesser resolution ( preview image ) to the host system . The preview image is a subset of the full image. After transmitting the preview image the detector send...
    IPCOM000133319D | 2006-Jan-24
  10. 150.
    IPCOM000133318D | Original Publication Date: 2006-Jan-24