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  1. 151.
    Disclosed is a detacheable area connected to the intended product substrate which contains features to aid in the control, test, and probing of a product during prototype debug or early life cycle of a product. It includes a method to provide access and control to additional signals for control, debug, and test.
    IPCOM000133317D | Original Publication Date: 2006-Jan-23
  2. 152.
    Disclosed is an improved method for implementing a Linear Forwarding Table in an InfiniBand network switch. This method lowers the hardware implementation cost by substantially reducing the memory required to store the Linear Forwarding Table.
    IPCOM000133316D | Original Publication Date: 2006-Jan-23
  3. 153.
    This article discusses a way to turn off particular processor junction temperature sensors that would cause the processor to throttle. Some possible reasons why this would be used is also discussed.
    IPCOM000133315D | Original Publication Date: 2006-Jan-23
  4. 154.
    This publication describes the design and method for docking two PCI cards simultaneously. In particular, it describes the docking of two cards that are attached to one another via a cable or connector. The method can accomodate planar boards with different pitches. Light pipes may also be integrated into the...
    IPCOM000133314D | Original Publication Date: 2006-Jan-23
  5. 155.
    Disclosed is a very lightweight workflow process, particularly useful for small and medium businesses or within departments that do not possess skills or resources for more elaborate workflow procedures. The lightweight workflow is centered around a new kind of document, called a self actualizing document (SAD)....
    IPCOM000133312D | Original Publication Date: 2006-Jan-23
  6. 156.
    Instant Messaging (IM) allows people quickly get in touch with other people online. Often one can tell from the status indicator displayed on most of IM clients whether the person whom the others wish to contact are online (active), off-line (inactive), or do not want to be disturbed. Even when a person?s IM...
    IPCOM000133311D | Original Publication Date: 2006-Jan-23
  7. 157.
    IPCOM000133310D | 2006-Jan-23
  8. 158.
    IPCOM000133309D | 2006-Jan-23
  9. 159.
    The invention described is a method and system for facilitating the user creation of a personalized Internet server based, communication platform, whereby the user skills and user hardware and software needs are minimized and reduced to those commonly associated with those necessary for television viewing. A...
    IPCOM000133123D | 2006-Jan-23
  10. 160.
    IPCOM000133307D | 2006-Jan-23