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Month of January 2006 - Page Number 22

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  1. 211.
    Improved packaging for personal care products is described. In particular, an interconnected multipack structure offers convenience, ease of use and discretion. The structure has an aesthetically pleasing exterior and can be opened to reveal internal trays or shelves that can hold multiple absorbent articles or other...
    IPCOM000133132D | 2006-Jan-13
  2. 212.
    A long thin walled cross-shaped device is attached or molded in place to the filter head. This new device inserts into the center core of the filter media as the filter sump is screwed into place.
    IPCOM000133131D | 2006-Jan-13
  3. 213.
    A UV reactor chamber is placed on the outlet air duct to inactivate or kill bacteria, spores and molds. The stand-alone device is placed on outlet duct to provide purification of the air as it enters the room, without modification to the home. It could be coupled with a filter system to provide further mechanical...
    IPCOM000133130D | 2006-Jan-13
  4. 214.
    A central unit which can communicate to these appliances using bluetooth technology. The appliances themselves would run simple daily checks to ensure that its operations are normal.
    IPCOM000133129D | 2006-Jan-13
  5. 215.
    Extend the hot tank vent tube from where it enters the cold tank to a point above the rim of the cold tank so that it cannot be covered with water and no convection path can form.
    IPCOM000133128D | 2006-Jan-13
  6. 216.
    The invention relates to water dispensers with an integrated refrigerator compartment. A feasible design has been conceived to cool a water reservoir and a refrigerated compartment using a single evaporator.
    IPCOM000133127D | 2006-Jan-13
  7. 217.
    A method for Internet search engines to allow users that search for similar content to find each other. Each user's contact information is saved for searches that return few or no search responses. Later when other users issue a similar search the first user's contact information would be made available. For...
    IPCOM000133125D | Original Publication Date: 2006-Jan-13
  8. 218.
    Today the rinse cycle consists of two rinses and has sub standard rinse scores compared to vertical axis machines. This invention uses a combination of a spray ring (or nozzle), a recirculation pump, and a water filter to eliminate one rinse and produce superior rinse scores in a horizontal axis machine.
    IPCOM000133120D | 2006-Jan-13
  9. 219.
    The invention covers dynamically changing the method of driving sliders and displays based on activity on the cook top to improve effective response time to the user. When there is no activity on the cooktop, the control will service all of the keys and sliders and update the displays according to the typical drive...
    IPCOM000133119D | 2006-Jan-13
  10. 220.
    The subject of the invention is a simple and reliable o-ring sealing design. The invented design pertains to the required task to seal multiple individual gas flow control solenoids/plugs attached to multi-valve top housing (manifold) to prevent gas from leaking through the plugs - manifold joints.
    IPCOM000133118D | 2006-Jan-13