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  1. 221.
    Add a low thermal conductivity material to range oven shelf fronts such that they would not burn the consumer when touched. Ideally, the material would have a low enough thermal conductivity so that the shelf could be pulled out by hand without the aid of an oven mitt or other insulator. Could add to entire shelf or...
    IPCOM000133117D | 2006-Jan-13
  2. 222.
    A door lock feature to be enabled/disabled by the control on the backsplash of the range for a baking/warming/cooking drawer. The placement of the lock control on the backsplash will not allow for child tampering and allows user to keep door locked, thereby keeping children out.
    IPCOM000133116D | 2006-Jan-13
  3. 223.
    The design is dependent upon the creation of an oven rack that incorporates the use of an integrated cooking element (referred to as "Y-Rack" throughout the duration of this docket). The Y-Rack shall span the width and depth of the oven and provide insulation from the oven cavity space below. The oven cavity shall...
    IPCOM000133115D | 2006-Jan-13
  4. 224.
    Invention utilizes a currently available electrochemical carbon-monoxide sensor and air sampling system to sample oven air at regular intervals and track CO emission to predetermine onset of "burning" or over browning and either alarm consumer with audible noise or light, and or an algorithm change.
    IPCOM000133114D | 2006-Jan-13
  5. 225.
    Multiple temperature switches mounted to surfaces of interest. When the surface temperature rises above the threshold limit of the temperature switch, the switch closes and completes the circuit path energizing a neon indicator lamp.
    IPCOM000133113D | 2006-Jan-13
  6. 226.
    Lighting fixtures with the capability to swivel can be installed on the underside of the over the range microwave. The lights would be used to illuminate counter space as well as the range cook top.
    IPCOM000133112D | 2006-Jan-13
  7. 227.
    Oven racks are installed into an inner oven sleeve, which slides forward and back within the outer oven cavity. Racks are supported approximately halfway along their length by the sleeve. When door is open and consumer activates retraction prompt, a motorized screw drive propels the sleeve forward. The drive also...
    IPCOM000133111D | 2006-Jan-13
  8. 228.
    This invention provides for the modulation of the heater wattage by various means to allow the use of a single heater part to provide differing wattages to address the need to evaporate water from the water dispenser tray.
    IPCOM000133110D | 2006-Jan-13
  9. 229.
    To reduce the bridge area between certain cubes, and to design the shape to ensure the bridges are broken during the harvesting of ice.
    IPCOM000133109D | 2006-Jan-13
  10. 230.
    Design consists of a suspended lower dishwasher rack that can be easily extended and raised to an elevated height for loading and/or unloading of dishware. This invention describes the methods for: locking/releasing the rack by the consumer, providing counterbalance for the weight of the system, and providing...
    IPCOM000133108D | 2006-Jan-13