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Month of January 2006 - Page Number 24

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  1. 231.
    This dishwasher rack invention incorporates 5 separate pieces - bottom and 4 sides. The 4 sides are snapped into the bottom at the bottom of the sides by virtue of the rack wire configuration. The 4 corners at the top of the sides are secured with 4 plastic clips.
    IPCOM000133107D | 2006-Jan-13
  2. 232.
    Uses a ball, a conduit, two seats, and two pumps. When the main pump is on the ball is shuttle to the 1st seat and the flow of water through the 3rd pump is blocked off. All three arms and filter are utilized in this mode. When the 3rd pump is energized, the ball is shuttled to the 2nd seat and the flow of water to...
    IPCOM000133106D | 2006-Jan-13
  3. 233.
    Invention provides a sufficient means to eliminate the nylon roller wheel. Invention uses existing steel material, with a formed radial track, which provides needed friction to the pulley cable.
    IPCOM000133105D | 2006-Jan-13
  4. 234.
    A software algorithm that uses CRC, an "erase-In-progress" flag and the microprocessor's unique flash block erase pattern to determine if an error had occurred during an erase and the data stored is invalid.
    IPCOM000133104D | 2006-Jan-13
  5. 235.
    The current signature of the D/W recirculation pump is monitored during wash. If the current starts to oscillate, indicative of pump cavitation, the water valve is energized to allow more water into the cavity until the pump is fully primed. Additional fills are allowed up to some maximum value of valve on-time.
    IPCOM000133103D | 2006-Jan-13
  6. 236.
    IPCOM000133091D | Original Publication Date: 2006-Jan-13
  7. 237.
    Disclosed is a device that allows a computer's critical software to be updated to the latest levels without connecting to the internet. It's a stand-alone USB key that automatically connects to a server to download the software updates and save them to storage on the key. It then may be plugged into a computer's USB...
    IPCOM000133090D | Original Publication Date: 2006-Jan-12
  8. 238.
    As RF devices move towards higher power requirements, improvements to faster heat dissipation between die to the heatsink is a necessity. The medium with which the die adheres to the heatsink must be of a good thermal conductivity. In addition to this, the quality of the bond contributes a major function to the...
    IPCOM000133089D | 2006-Jan-12
  9. 239.
    This paper will present a sampling method that employs an SPI module in an atypical manner. The use of this method enables high speed data sampling and asynchronous data acquisition. This technique can also be implemented to be adaptive.
    IPCOM000133087D | 2006-Jan-12
  10. 240.
    Aerodynamically shaped fins for suppressing flow-induced vibration in a disk storage device.
    IPCOM000133086D | 2006-Jan-12