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    The contact integrity influences directly the performance of a switch, for example, the insertion loss, power handling capability, linearity, and reliability. Unlike the conventional solid state based switches, the MEMS based switches have been considered as a promising technology that delivers low insertion loss and...
    IPCOM000133573D | Original Publication Date: 2006-Jan-30
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    A methodology and model is disclosed to identify technologies to address business and IT requirements (e.g. qualification of sales opportunities, identification of solution components). The transition between the requirements of an IT solution and what to use in a solution?s implementation is can be partially...
    IPCOM000133572D | Original Publication Date: 2006-Jan-30
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    Silica, both hydrophobic and hydrophilic forms, has been used in the personal care industry for many years to provide improved formulation benefits. These forms are readily available and provide beneficial properties such as rheology modification, absorption and antifoaming properties to formulations. The...
    IPCOM000133571D | 2006-Jan-30
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    IPCOM000133542D | Original Publication Date: 2006-Jan-30
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    IPCOM000133541D | Original Publication Date: 2006-Jan-29
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    IPCOM000133540D | Original Publication Date: 2006-Jan-28
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    In the course of normal operation of brake systems, there is an increase in temperature in the vicinity of the Pad Rotor Interface. The increase in temperature can be attributed to both friction and heat being transferred from adjacent sub-systems. The increase in temperature contributes to excessive wear and...
    IPCOM000133539D | 2006-Jan-28
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    Current vehicles have poor power distribution systems. The electronic modules experience a 5V voltage drop during crank and require expensive power supplies to function properly. Current vehicles do not sense battery voltage at the battery. Components were separate, no integration or thought to combine in this way. ...
    IPCOM000133538D | 2006-Jan-28
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    Hyper-branched polyolefins (fhp's) have been developed with various types of reactive functionality. The functionality will allow participation in chemical reaction with various types of adhesive grade polymers known to the industry. The reactive properties of fhp's can be used to enhance adhesion characteristics as...
    IPCOM000133531D | 2006-Jan-27
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    Porosity from Compressional wave slowness can be estimated using the known Wyllie Time average equation: DTC = Ø DTCfluid + (1 - Ø ) DTCmatrix. Similar equations have been proposed for Shear wave slowness but they are not widely accepted. Theoretically, elastic moduli of rocks lie in between the Hashin-Strikman (HS)...
    IPCOM000133530D | 2006-Jan-27