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    Synchronous communications between downhole tools and the surface will improve data quality, allowing faster communications. With the addition of a highly stable clock in the downhole tool and on the surface, synchronous communications will provide lower error rates and higher data rates. The overhead of sync words...
    IPCOM000133529D | 2006-Jan-27
  2. 32.
    The usual information carried by a linear pulse is its amplitude and time of occurrence. In nuclear measurements, the shape of a nuclear pulse has also importance. Most shape differences arise because of differences in the time profile of the current (charge) produced at the detector by a radiation interaction. The...
    IPCOM000133528D | 2006-Jan-27
  3. 33.
    A new set of HTML attributes called hover attributes is suggested on hover events simplifying the code needed for creating some of the most common DHTML effects such as image, class and sound rollover effects. The new set of attributes differs from the existing event attributes because they do not support JavaScript...
    IPCOM000133523D | Original Publication Date: 2006-Jan-27
  4. 34.
    ID 199565
    IPCOM000133522D | 2006-Jan-27
  5. 35.
    The invention provides an automatic distribution of digital data to medical devices. It has two functional components namely client and a server. The server oversees a repository of software or firmware packages that may contain security updates, fixes, optional software components, etc. The server maintains data...
    IPCOM000133521D | 2006-Jan-27
  6. 36.
    A standard for creating a dynamic film host fingerprint in media files is suggested in order give investigators a powerful tool to investigate pirate copies of media files or media files with a criminal content. The fingerprint is created and updated by the application which opens the files and contains information...
    IPCOM000133520D | Original Publication Date: 2006-Jan-27
  7. 37.
    The invention generally relates to a Cyclotron ion source comprising an anode and cathode, which are made solely from high purity Ta rather than from multiple materials (Ta, W, Cu). This source both increases and maintains over time the concentration of the excited hydrogen molecule that is a precursor to the...
    IPCOM000133519D | 2006-Jan-27
  8. 38.
    This disclosure allows synchronisation of GPS units ensuring same route choice.
    IPCOM000133518D | Original Publication Date: 2006-Jan-27
  9. 39.
    Disclosed is a device that describes how the operations of copy and paste, followed by a refactor can be coalesced into a copy and refactor on paste by combining a refactor operation with a paste operation into a single task that intelligently selects an appropriate kind of refactor based on: data being copied; source...
    IPCOM000133517D | Original Publication Date: 2006-Jan-27
  10. 40.
    Autonomic Batch Message Processing is a means of reacting to repeated bad batches occurring in close proximity by dynamically increasing/decreasing the number of messages it attempts to process in a single commit operation.
    IPCOM000133516D | Original Publication Date: 2006-Jan-27