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    The Time-Value Rebate allows a consumer to pick the exact date he/she wishes to receive their rebate. It would allow them to receive a smaller rebate if it is instantly desired, or a larger rebate if postponed for a longer period of time.
    IPCOM000134283D | Original Publication Date: 2006-Feb-28
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    The Smart Dog Door Alert system uses a visual clue that a dog would be able to understand to inform the dog that the virtual lock state of the dog door has change from locked->unlocked or from unlocked->locked.
    IPCOM000134282D | Original Publication Date: 2006-Feb-28
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    Using UML to model portal configuration and applying patterns to generate portal deployment scripts
    IPCOM000134266D | Original Publication Date: 2006-Feb-28
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    Because logging-while-drilling resistivity measurement has increasing sensitivity to formation anisotropy as the relative dipping angle increases, the measurement has been used to interpret formation anisotropy in deviated wells. However, it has been shown that the measurement, which may be acquired at multiple...
    IPCOM000134265D | 2006-Feb-28
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    The Wiper Plug will have a ball nose which will note hang up on gas lift mandrels, nipple profiles or other completion equipment. There is a single OD on the nose which will have a sealing device attached. The Landing Collar will have a landing point for the ball nose which can be pressured against, a locking device...
    IPCOM000134264D | 2006-Feb-28
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    This disclosure describes a system for implementing and verifying full read and write barriers in an existing Java Virtual Machine (JVM) which was not expressly written with such barriers in mind. The system uses virtual memory primitives to detect where barriers should be placed, but relies on the developer to...
    IPCOM000134263D | Original Publication Date: 2006-Feb-28
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    The present paper describes an automotive service device which incorporates a camera system disposed to enable a technician to view the underside of a vehicle while the vehicle is positioned on a lift rack during a vehicle service. The lift rack camera system is particularly useful for observing motion of...
    IPCOM000134262D | 2006-Feb-28
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    The growing popularity of introducing PoC in GPRS, CDMA 1X and UMTS has created a number of urgent challenges for network infrastructure providers and PoC server designers in PoC/VoIP offerings. This paper describes a procedure of how to monitor the end user perception to maintain an acceptable PoC quality.
    IPCOM000134261D | Original Publication Date: 2006-Feb-28
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    Monitoring tools are utilized to detect application/infrastructure problems. Monitoring tools that exist today have to be configured to monitor applications. The monitoring tool can not be used "out of the box" to monitor the application. This article describes a server side monitoring tool that does not require...
    IPCOM000134260D | Original Publication Date: 2006-Feb-28
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    Lightning protection circuitry will protect the installed equipment but only to a certain level, beyond which, the product and or the protection circuitry will fail. The pivotal points are; Knows the level protection required, which can vary significantly depending on location and knowing if there is a likelihood of...
    IPCOM000134259D | Original Publication Date: 2006-Feb-28