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    A system, method and computer program product are included for providing product-related information. In use, a product identifier associated with a product is received after a point of sale, where such product identifier is received utilizing a network. Further, information associated with the product is provided...
    IPCOM000135154D | 2006-Mar-31
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    Many disposable absorbent pant products such as diaper-pants and training pants are typically made with side seams that can be torn apart after the product is used. This feature is helpful because the pant can be removed quickly by separating the side seams and the chance of further soiling the skin of the user is...
    IPCOM000135153D | 2006-Mar-31
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    Die Erfindung betrifft schäumbare Zusammensetzungen, ihre Herstellung und deren Verwendung zur Herstellung von geschäumten Kunststoffen.
    IPCOM000135145D | 2006-Mar-31
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    Aluminum complexes useful as cross-linking agents for coating compositions, especially high solids compositions containing an alkyd resin binder, are made by reacting a volatile oxime with a product of reaction of (1) an aluminum alcoholate or phenolate, (2) a carboxylic acid and/or .beta.-diketo compound, and (3)...
    IPCOM000001375D | Original Publication Date: 1994-Dec-06
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    An integrated circuit chip for application in a computer for performing h speed arithmetic operations in hardware has hardware for forming a system clock processor circuit, a timer circuit, a program counter and branching circuit; an interrupt processor circuit formed in the chip; an interrupt address random access...
    IPCOM000001374D | Original Publication Date: 1994-Dec-06
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    A outer bail gimbal bearing having a closed loop filled with circulating ls is disclosed. The balls circulate about an axis parallel to the bail's axis of rotation. A shallow region within the loop allows the balls to emerge from the loop and engage a race made in the outer edge of the outer bail.
    IPCOM000001373D | Original Publication Date: 1994-Dec-06
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    An unsupported, flexible, quasi-linear phased-array antenna within a space-based radar system which is tethered to a host satellite in free space. The antenna is formed by a plurality of antenna elements which are connected serially along a common axis. The antenna points in an Earth-pointing direction via...
    IPCOM000001372D | Original Publication Date: 1994-Dec-06
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    A beach chair includes a compartment section that enables a beachgoer to carry a plurality of different items, such as keys, lotion bottles, loose change and the like, in the chair.
    IPCOM000001371D | Original Publication Date: 1994-Dec-06
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    An improved multiple-layered omnidirectional flexible joint disposed to flexibly connect between a convex spherical ball surface associated with a rocket motor nozzle and a concave spherical cup surface associated with a rocket motor case, the space between curved mounting surfaces being filled by overlapping...
    IPCOM000001370D | Original Publication Date: 1994-Dec-06
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    A gas turbine engine combustor cooling system for imperforate non-metallic combustor liners has a wall positioned adjacent to the liners forming therewith a cavity. The wall has a plurality of inlets for admitting cooling air into the cavity and a plurality of outlets for exhausting the cooling air into a separate...
    IPCOM000001369D | Original Publication Date: 1994-Dec-06