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    A system, method and computer program product are included for providing product-related information. In use, a product identifier associated with a product is received after a point of sale, where such product identifier is received utilizing a network. Further, information associated with the product is provided...
    IPCOM000135154D | 2006-Mar-31
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    Many disposable absorbent pant products such as diaper-pants and training pants are typically made with side seams that can be torn apart after the product is used. This feature is helpful because the pant can be removed quickly by separating the side seams and the chance of further soiling the skin of the user is...
    IPCOM000135153D | 2006-Mar-31
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    Die Erfindung betrifft schäumbare Zusammensetzungen, ihre Herstellung und deren Verwendung zur Herstellung von geschäumten Kunststoffen.
    IPCOM000135145D | 2006-Mar-31
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    Utilisation of electrical machines is limited by allowable maximum operating temperatures for insulation material. A better knowledge of the flow distribution of coolants in the electrical machine is required for the design of more compact machines with higher utilisation. Besides traditional flow measurement...
    IPCOM000135143D | 2006-Mar-31
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    A simple system is described that is able to upgrade the performance of an electrical machine that is limited in performance either by a hot spot in the end of the bar in the so-called involutes endwinding area or by a non-stable fan. Thy system comprises regular holes in the fan guide, which ensure additional flow in...
    IPCOM000135135D | 2006-Mar-31
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    IPCOM000135123D | Original Publication Date: 2006-Mar-31
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    This invention relates to lead anchors for implantable leads and catheters. The looped anchor is employed to prevent or limit the migration of the implantable lead or catheter inside the body of a patient, thus providing stable stimulation or drug therapy at the selected body tissue. The looped anchor described...
    IPCOM000135122D | 2006-Mar-31
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    IPCOM000135121D | 2006-Mar-31
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    IPCOM000135120D | 2006-Mar-31
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    IPCOM000135119D | 2006-Mar-31