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  1. 41.
    A combustible bed for a casket including a frame made of a combustible material, namely wood, and a fabric made of a combustible material, namely polypropylene, connected to the frame to provide a surface for supporting a body.
    IPCOM000001339D | Original Publication Date: 1994-Sep-06
  2. 42.
    A method and apparatus for interpreting and displaying the status and diagnostic data of, and/or programming an implantable medical device is disclosed. The apparatus includes a microprocessor with multiple executable programs; data entry means, such as a keyboard or light pen; a display means such as a screen display...
    IPCOM000001338D | Original Publication Date: 1994-Aug-02
  3. 43.
    The invention discloses a novel method of functionalizing polyketone polymers by reacting with primary aromatic amines to form substituted pyrroles. The advantages of this method include but are not limited to permissible addition of small molecules to produce a wide variety of products, grafting of the polymer side...
    IPCOM000001337D | Original Publication Date: 1994-Aug-02
  4. 44.
    A method is provided for blocking or preventing the prenylation of CXXX box containing proteins thereby preventing and/or treating hepatitis D which includes the step of administering a therapeutically effective amount of a protein-prenyl transferase inhibitor.
    IPCOM000001336D | Original Publication Date: 1994-Aug-02
  5. 45.
    A method is provided for the integration of a low-volume liquid flow and ing system and a portable optical waveguide-based fluorescence detector for the chemical analysis of reagents in fluorescence-based reactions. The method is particularly applicable to the detection of enzyme inhibitors, modifiers, or ligands in...
    IPCOM000001335D | Original Publication Date: 1994-Aug-02
  6. 46.
    There is disclosed a novel direct positive silver halide emulsion and a color diffusion transfer photographic film unit in which the above emulsion is used and which provides a high sensitivity and a low minimum density. The direct positive silver halide emulsion contains a core/shell type grain in which 60% or more...
    IPCOM000001334D | Original Publication Date: 1994-Aug-02
  7. 47.
    A method for the simultaneous bidirectional transfer of digital data at a ry high rate between a host digital data processor and an external device includes the steps of: loading the output data into a data register of the processor; loading an address reference of an external device into an address register of the...
    IPCOM000001333D | Original Publication Date: 1994-Aug-02
  8. 48.
    A high energy rocket propellant can be formed wherein the propellant binder has a cellulose acetate butyrate: polyethylene glycol ratio of about 0.01 to 0.03 on a weight basis.
    IPCOM000001332D | Original Publication Date: 1994-Aug-02
  9. 49.
    Disposable sanitary garments comprise topsheet and/or backsheet materials prepared from polymers based on glycolic acid, lactic acid, and mixtures thereof. Disposable sanitary articles having absorbent cores comprising oxidized cellulose are also provided. Diapers, sanitary napkins, pantiliners, and the like, prepared...
    IPCOM000001331D | Original Publication Date: 1994-Jul-05
  10. 50.
    This invention relates to an aqueous process for recycling polyacetal, and moldings thereof, into formaldehyde monomer solution, said process occurring at elevated temperature and pressure and in the presence of an acid decomposition catalyst, such as sulfuric acid. The resultant formaldehyde monomer solution can be...
    IPCOM000001330D | Original Publication Date: 1994-Jul-05