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  1. 71.
    Structure-borne intensities in a vibrating plate radiator having at least one source of vibration are measured without contacting the radiator by producing a pressure hologram of the pressure radiated from the surface of the radiator, determining the normal velocity of the radiator surface from the pressure hologram,...
    IPCOM000001321D | Original Publication Date: 1994-Jul-05
  2. 72.
    A threaded connection with improved fatigue-life useful for connecting adjacent sections of a pipe string subject to bending, tensile, and compressive stresses such as a drill collar string is disclosed. The connection comprises a pin member which is threadedly engageable with a corresponding box member. In the...
    IPCOM000001320D | Original Publication Date: 1994-Jul-05
  3. 73.
    A support bracket for securing medical equipment on or near a litter carried within a medical vehicle, which comprises an extensible tubular member having a threaded lock fitting along the length thereof for locking the extensible member at selected length, first and second tubular end members of preselected inner...
    IPCOM000001319D | Original Publication Date: 1994-Jul-05
  4. 74.
    A method for removing dissolved solids or sludge from amine absorbing solutions for acidic gas in gas sweetening systems is provided comprising contacting a stream of regenerated absorbing solution with CO.sub.2 such that the sludge forms a precipitate and removing the precipitate from the absorbing solution. The...
    IPCOM000001318D | Original Publication Date: 1994-Jul-05
  5. 75.
    A system is described for providing means by which the flow in a fluid such s water in a fluid flow loop can be accurately controlled to undergo user defined transients. Besides, the system allows for velocity variations over a wide range of velocities.
    IPCOM000001317D | Original Publication Date: 1994-Jul-05
  6. 76.
    An improved one stage, upflow process for coal gasification whereby a dry particulate carbonaceous material and an oxygen-containing gas are combusted in a vertical gasifier thereby converting the carbonaceous material (coal) into a hot gas. The hot, entrained flyslag gas is then contacted with a cooled, recycled gas...
    IPCOM000001316D | Original Publication Date: 1994-Jul-05
  7. 77.
    A system for controlling and monitoring the extracorporeal circulation of fluids, which is particularly useful in controlling and monitoring the circulation of blood and cardioplegia solution in surgical procedures. A set of perfusion assemblies are mounted in a transportable console, each perfusion assembly having a...
    IPCOM000001315D | Original Publication Date: 1994-Jun-07
  8. 78.
    A silver halide photographic material which comprises a support having thereon at least one silver halide emulsion layer, wherein silver halide grains to be contained in the silver halide emulsion layer have a silver iodide content lower than 1 mol %, and the silver halide emulsion contains 3.0.times.10.sup.-3 to...
    IPCOM000001314D | Original Publication Date: 1994-Jun-07
  9. 79.
    A method of manufacturing dextrose grained confections is provided. The confections are prepared from a high solids syrup comprised of dextrose and fructose, said syrup being supersaturated with respect to dextrose. The method comprises seeding said syrup with dextrose seed crystals and allowing dextrose to...
    IPCOM000001313D | Original Publication Date: 1994-Jun-07
  10. 80.
    Riflescope arrangement includes a tube containing an eye piece section fowed by a relay section which is followed by an objective section. The eye piece, relay and objective sections lie along and are aligned with the optical axis of the riflescope. The front optical element of the objective section is in the form of...
    IPCOM000001312D | Original Publication Date: 1994-Jun-07