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    A method for manually initiating braking of a vehicle through a hand lever for at least one auxiliary brake, the at least one auxiliary brake being at least one retarder. The method comprises the following steps: requesting a braking torque that shall be provided by the at least one retarder through the hand...
    IPCOM000136728D | 2006-May-30
  2. 22.
    Prediction modeling on real-time data using intermediate model approach is disclosed. The intermediate model is initialized using a set of observation data, and a prediction model is calculated based on the intermediate model. New observation data can be added to the intermediate model, outdated observation data can...
    IPCOM000136727D | Original Publication Date: 2006-May-30
  3. 23.
    IPCOM000136726D | Original Publication Date: 2006-May-30
  4. 24.
    Disclosed is a method for applying distributed caching mechanismon distributed computing system with less change of program code. The method utilizes cache mechanism with loader such as JCache (JSR-107) to address performance bottle-neck of a database server. In order to reduce programmer's load of modifying the...
    IPCOM000136725D | Original Publication Date: 2006-May-30
  5. 25.
    Disclosed is a method to detect delay in transmitting data on PPRC Global Mirror with narrow bandwidth. By issuing PPRC query command periodically, this method enables to detect slow down of transmission even if the speed of updating I/O to primary disk is faster than the speed of transmission on the line between...
    IPCOM000136724D | Original Publication Date: 2006-May-30
  6. 26.
    Disclosed is a method for taking a snapshot of database not to influence application programs or database access response time. This snapshot can be used to investigate the past state such as an accounting of the day.
    IPCOM000136723D | Original Publication Date: 2006-May-30
  7. 27.
    Disclosed is a method for implementing split-bill e-payment. On this split-bill e-payment system, payer creates single-use settlement account and web pages account for some payer group. Then each payer connects this settlement web page and make payment via communication network, using web based browser on PC, PDA...
    IPCOM000136722D | Original Publication Date: 2006-May-30
  8. 28.
    Disclosed is a system for displaying a list of mail reply templates that are dynamically created using the all users’ history data of template selection. The disclosed system displays a list of mail templates that have higher probability of being selected by an agent.
    IPCOM000136721D | Original Publication Date: 2006-May-30
  9. 29.
    This article describes the enhancement of presentation application software by a logical layer so that one set of presentation slides can be used for different presentations and speeches without rearranging the slide flow and without storing multiple file versions on disk.
    IPCOM000136720D | Original Publication Date: 2006-May-29
  10. 30.
    A business process consists of a set of activities whose sequence of execution is prescribed through links connecting activities and transition conditions associated with the links. A particular link is being followed when the associated transition condition evaluates to true. When multiple links are leaving an...
    IPCOM000136719D | Original Publication Date: 2006-May-29