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    Proposed here is a method that allows unified, centralized management of IT infrastructure, including, but not limited to servers and IP-based storage. The method includes allocation of IP addresses transparently to the managed network entities and leverages the existing DHCP/DNS infrastructure.
    IPCOM000138726D | Original Publication Date: 2006-Jul-31
  2. 12.
    Presented is a Multi-Scheduled Shredder (MSS) for handling and disposing of papers. The MSS is a shredder with multiple paper slots, controlled by a multiple scheduling mechanism for disposing of papers related to one category automatically when their due date has come.
    IPCOM000138725D | Original Publication Date: 2006-Jul-31
  3. 13.
    This article comprises of two new inventions to apply to Instant Messaging Systems.
    IPCOM000138724D | Original Publication Date: 2006-Jul-31
  4. 14.
    Proposed is a system and a method for capturing ("exporting") the set of base system images and the metadata that together provide a complete specification of an IT environment and for recreating ("importing") the specification at a different installation with the purpose of full or partial replication of the original...
    IPCOM000138723D | Original Publication Date: 2006-Jul-31
  5. 15.
    Proposed here is a system and a method for capturing ("exporting") the customer's setup and automatic replication of said setup for problem investigation.
    IPCOM000138722D | Original Publication Date: 2006-Jul-31
  6. 16.
    Disclosed is a method for combining keyboard shortcuts with command completion to assist users of software products with the selection of the appropriate keyboard shortcut.
    IPCOM000138721D | Original Publication Date: 2006-Jul-31
  7. 17.
    A Call Centre operation requires Agents to use a server-based database application for the purpose of recording details of customers' calls for help. In order to facilitate subsequent tracking of each case, the server allocates a unique reference number, or Case Number to each one. However, a problem arises if the...
    IPCOM000138720D | Original Publication Date: 2006-Jul-31
  8. 18.
    IPCOM000138719D | 2006-Jul-31
  9. 19.
    IPCOM000138717D | 2006-Jul-31
  10. 20.
    Outline of a system to enable developers to save an object from running code while in "debug" mode in an IDE. Following changes made to the code, this saved object can be compared to objects in later runs of the same code.
    IPCOM000138716D | Original Publication Date: 2006-Jul-31