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    Multilevel inverter has higher quality voltage output. The harmonics content in multilevel inverter output voltage is very small, thus the LC output filter is no longer needed.
    IPCOM000138622D | 2006-Jul-27
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    Plausibility Checkers or function monitors are widely used in automotive safety critical applications and come in a variety of flavors.
    IPCOM000138621D | 2006-Jul-27
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    IPCOM000138617D | 2006-Jul-27
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    IPCOM000138616D | 2006-Jul-27
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    IPCOM000138614D | 2006-Jul-27
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    IPCOM000138597D | 2006-Jul-27
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    IPCOM000138596D | Original Publication Date: 2006-Jul-27
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    A system, method and computer program product are included for governing a telecommunication network utilizing subscriber selected policies. A predetermined number of policies governing at least one aspect of a usage of a telecommunication network by subscribers are defined. In use, a selection of at least one of...
    IPCOM000138595D | 2006-Jul-27
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    Today, there is an alarming rate of accidents involving teenage drivers and their passengers (typically friends). Often, the parents are not aware that their child is transporting additional passengers in the automobile. Modern cars already have the capability to email owners diagnostic information related to...
    IPCOM000138594D | Original Publication Date: 2006-Jul-26
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    A stable sustained release composition of tolterodine was found comprising core pellets containing tolterodine L-tartrate and microcrystalline cellulose and a polymer layer sprayed onto the core pellets. The core pellets do not contain binders.
    IPCOM000138590D | 2006-Jul-26