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    Various sources have suggested that NMOS snapback trigger voltage is determined by substrate resistance. Higher substrate resistance lowers the NMOS ESD snapback trigger voltage. The substrate resistance can actually be modulated by using external transistors in parallel. In fact, the resistance can actually be...
    IPCOM000139948D | 2006-Aug-31
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    This paper presents a method to utilize a flip-flops as a 2-bit memory (6T RAM) cells. The 2 master-slave latches in the flip-flop is generally constructed using 6T-RAM cell like configuration. We can create access circuits to these 6T-RAM cells to form functional memory array.
    IPCOM000139947D | 2006-Aug-31
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    In poly fuse circuit architecture there are 3 poly fuse banks (design dependent) for repair or trimming purposes. Each poly fuse bank typically got 28 poly fuses (design dependent). To reduce unnecessary sense current, 3 extra poly fuses added to gate FCREAD sense signal to each of fuse bank. Each poly fuse gates...
    IPCOM000139946D | 2006-Aug-31
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    Skew is an important factor that limited the performance of the system, especially in the high speed application, for example memory interface. Double data rate memory controller can be implemented in FPGA devices. As new DDR memory spec offered higher performance with 800Mbs to 1Gbs data rate, the timing budget left...
    IPCOM000139945D | 2006-Aug-31
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    Most phones support voice dialing as a feature. In the basic voice-dialing feature, the phone allows the user to record a voice input and store it as a part of the address book entry. When the user enters the voice-dialing mode in order to dial a number, the user is required to speak the name as recorded earlier. The...
    IPCOM000139944D | Original Publication Date: 2006-Aug-31
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    A mobile node may require up to three parameters before being able to use Mobile IP: its home address, the IP address of its home agent, and a shared secret with its home agent. This non-exhaustive set of parameters is often called Mobile IP bootstrapping data. Different solutions have been proposed in order to allow...
    IPCOM000139943D | Original Publication Date: 2006-Aug-31
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    IP video delivery involves many components in broadband access network. This paper describes a proposal to let STB initiate a self-test request and following up a sub-command of the request, it can identify which part of access network fails. Especially important, it can isolate if end user’s home device, such as STB,...
    IPCOM000139942D | Original Publication Date: 2006-Aug-31
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    Information Technology is becoming more data-driven. Database query was once the domain of specialists; now, common users are searching very large and loosely-organized databases of information daily, frequently as a part of everyday tasks. Rich, full-functioned GUIs found on modern computers have made great strides...
    IPCOM000139941D | Original Publication Date: 2006-Aug-31
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    APCO Project 25 Inter-RF Subsystem Interface (ISSI) unit-to-unit call performance can be improved when the call’s SUs are being served by the same Serving System. The Serving System separates how it handles the call’s setup and audio routing between the SUs from how it handles the same call’s setup and audio routing...
    IPCOM000139940D | Original Publication Date: 2006-Aug-31
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    An installation program is disclosed that systematically reports specific progress information via a properties file, on demand, with synchronized reading and writing of progress details.
    IPCOM000139939D | Original Publication Date: 2006-Aug-31