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    Multi DSPs are used heavily in multimedia processing for its flexibility and processing power. How to connect and control these DSPs is an inevitable problem. In this paper,we propose a connecting and controlling method of multi media-oriented DSPs based on video port. Video port is a dedicated communication...
    IPCOM000141087D | Original Publication Date: 2006-Sep-30
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    The purpose of this invention is to improve the efficiency of file composing in a distributed environment. First two kinds of information are added into a file: 1) a file thread and 2) meta change data. The file thread is a file identification description including a file universal id, author name, copyright, file...
    IPCOM000141086D | Original Publication Date: 2006-Sep-30
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    In this disclosure, we propose a method for enabling fast and efficient picking operation for realistic and powerful user interfaces. The main idea of the proposed method is to use the interval-based index and continuous mouse movement to reduce computation costs. The proposed method contains the following key...
    IPCOM000141085D | Original Publication Date: 2006-Sep-30
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    An indexing method based on NER(Named Entity Recognition) and entity alias generation, which will offline generate the alias for the entity in the original text and pre-build the alias in the inverted index. Entity aliases are iteratively constructed using a set of representation, abbreviation, substitution, or...
    IPCOM000141084D | Original Publication Date: 2006-Sep-30
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    IPCOM000141083D | Original Publication Date: 2006-Sep-30
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    IPCOM000141082D | Original Publication Date: 2006-Sep-30
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    IPCOM000141081D | Original Publication Date: 2006-Sep-30
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    A pre-moistened personal care wipe is described that is gentle on the skin and can be used for light duty cleaning of hard surfaces without excessive streaking and spotting. To reduce streaking, a low level of a highly effective spreading agent is used in the liquid solution in the wipe.
    IPCOM000141060D | 2006-Sep-29
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    Wafer scale kerf structures may be built using technology that stitches together structures in adjacent reticle fields.
    IPCOM000141053D | Original Publication Date: 2006-Sep-29
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    A method for preserving the individual steps taken in known, successful completion of a repeatable task and using that recording to predict the success or failure of an ongoing attempt at completion of a same or similar task.
    IPCOM000141052D | Original Publication Date: 2006-Sep-29