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    Multi DSPs are used heavily in multimedia processing for its flexibility and processing power. How to connect and control these DSPs is an inevitable problem. In this paper,we propose a connecting and controlling method of multi media-oriented DSPs based on video port. Video port is a dedicated communication...
    IPCOM000141087D | Original Publication Date: 2006-Sep-30
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    We offer the following suggestions to be considered as additions to the April 28th 1970 protocol grammar specifications.
    IPCOM000004849D | Original Publication Date: 1970-Mar-01
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    NWG/RFC 11 has been modified at UCLA; and will be republished. In the meantime, it seems important to report a new control message format which does not use 7-bit ASCII character mode of transmission.
    IPCOM000004847D | Original Publication Date: 1969-Oct-01
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    A set of network primitives has been defined (Network Working Group Note 11) for inclusion in the monitor systems of the respective HOSTS. These primitives are at the level of system calls: SPOP's or BRS's on the 940; UUO's on the PDP-10. Presumably these UUO's are accessible to all user programs when executing for...
    IPCOM000004845D | Original Publication Date: 1969-Sep-01
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    The following flow diagrams were extracted from the logic diagrams provided in Appendix B of BBN Report No. 1822. These diagrams indicate the logical sequence of hardware operations which occur within the IMP-HOST interface. The logic names appearing in the blocks correspond to the logic elements found in Appendix B.
    IPCOM000006049D | Original Publication Date: 1969-Aug-01
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    The purpose of this invention is to improve the efficiency of file composing in a distributed environment. First two kinds of information are added into a file: 1) a file thread and 2) meta change data. The file thread is a file identification description including a file universal id, author name, copyright, file...
    IPCOM000141086D | Original Publication Date: 2006-Sep-30
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    In this disclosure, we propose a method for enabling fast and efficient picking operation for realistic and powerful user interfaces. The main idea of the proposed method is to use the interval-based index and continuous mouse movement to reduce computation costs. The proposed method contains the following key...
    IPCOM000141085D | Original Publication Date: 2006-Sep-30
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    An indexing method based on NER(Named Entity Recognition) and entity alias generation, which will offline generate the alias for the entity in the original text and pre-build the alias in the inverted index. Entity aliases are iteratively constructed using a set of representation, abbreviation, substitution, or...
    IPCOM000141084D | Original Publication Date: 2006-Sep-30
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    IPCOM000141083D | Original Publication Date: 2006-Sep-30
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    IPCOM000141082D | Original Publication Date: 2006-Sep-30