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    While developing computer packaging systems for IBM the board thickness tolerance are usually a large factor in the reliability of connector plug. The boards of dense systems become thicker and usually have a tolerance of + - 10% of the board thickness. Inorder to cost effectively connect or stack backplanes...
    IPCOM000140894D | Original Publication Date: 2006-Sep-25
  2. 92.
    Currently Air flow Books for the I/O units are made using expensive sheet metal tooling and have individual tooling for the 1/2 Air Flow Book and the ISC-3 Air Flow book. These units are expensive to fabricate. Currently the cost to fabricate these individual unit is approximately $32.00 a unit for either the 1/2...
    IPCOM000140893D | Original Publication Date: 2006-Sep-25
  3. 93.
    A flash memory storage system includes a memory array containing a plurality of memory cells and a controller for controlling the flash memory array. The controller dedicates a first group of memory cells to operate with a first number of bits per cell and a second, separate group of memory cells to operate with a...
    IPCOM000140892D | 2006-Sep-25
  4. 94.
    A storage device and method for flexibly configuring a flash memory controller. The device includes a flash memory array containing a plurality of memory cells, wherein at least two configuration bits are programmed to the plurality of memory cells. A controller having at least one configuration pin is further...
    IPCOM000140891D | 2006-Sep-25
  5. 95.
    The volume of mobile subscribers in the world is growing permanently. This has a significant impact on the mobile network infrastructure. Networks have to be expanded rapidly to meet this demand. The overload in the network or the inability to adapt to changing network conditions is the reason for the most system...
    IPCOM000139797D | Original Publication Date: 2006-Sep-25
  6. 96.
    In case more than one system and/or access technology can be accessed by the mobile terminal initiating an emergency call, a selection of the system, over which to route the call, has to be made. The system and/or access technology selection has to result in call handling that satisfies the regulatory requirements and...
    IPCOM000139448D | Original Publication Date: 2006-Sep-25
  7. 97.
    Das Geberrad von Einbauimpulsgebern wird in der Regel reibschluessig auf der Geberwelle befestigt (siehe Abbildungen 1 und 2). Das erforderliche Passungsuebermass ergibt sich aus der Aufweitung durch Fliehkraftbeanspruchung, dem Beschleunigungsmoment und der Passungstoleranzen. Durch den Reibschluss und durch die...
    IPCOM000139796D | Original Publication Date: 2006-Sep-25
  8. 98.
    Ethernet Ring Protection (ERP) is Siemens' carrier Ethernet solution for Metro networks. ERP can protect customer services via a backup link in ring topology in case the work link is interrupted. Every ERP domain has a Redundancy Manager (RM) which has a primary port for the work link and a secondary port for the...
    IPCOM000139447D | Original Publication Date: 2006-Sep-25
  9. 99.
    In current telephone networks, there are four standard Call Forwarding supplementary services: 1. Call Forwarding Unconditional (CFU) 2. Call Forwarding on Busy (CFB) 3. Call Forwarding on No Reply (CFNRY) 4. Call Forwarding on Not Reachable (CFNRC)
    IPCOM000139446D | Original Publication Date: 2006-Sep-25
  10. 100.
    There is a number of timing parameters, which are quite essential for the chip functionality. Especially data output access time (TAC) and DQS (Bi-directional Data Strobe) output access time from clock (TDQSCK), as well as DQS to DQ skew (TDQSQ) are in focus. These parameters are very sensible to technology (process)...
    IPCOM000139512D | Original Publication Date: 2006-Sep-25