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    Improvement to solution for aligning on-chip clock with an off-chip clock across PVT, using a PLL.
    IPCOM000143609D | 2006-Nov-30
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    This invention describes a novel algorithm during mapping phase in technology mapping process, which greatly improves the computer run-time by adopting an algorithm flow which minimize the occurrence of the macrocell forming process, with minimal impact on the area utilization and slightly trading off the delay of the...
    IPCOM000143608D | 2006-Nov-30
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    Cleaning systems are typically used in copying and printing systems by providing two cylindrical brushes rotating in proximity to one another. A negative pressure is used to conduct toner residue away after the brushes remove the toner from the photoreceptor. In most cases, a separator is inserted between the...
    IPCOM000143607D | 2006-Nov-30
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    IPCOM000143606D | 2006-Nov-30
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    Many copying and printing systems provide coaters at the output to coat the pages as they are printed. The coating usually provides a high gloss to the page however, other finishes are possible. Sometimes the coating material is cured using UV (ultraviolet) light. A more useful coating machine would have two modes...
    IPCOM000143605D | 2006-Nov-30
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    In many systems, data is acquired at various intervals and displayed on a user interface. The user viewing the data has no idea how long it has been since the data was last refreshed or the age of the data. This invention provides a means of displaying data including a representation of the age of the data. Data...
    IPCOM000143604D | 2006-Nov-30
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    In printer environments there are many different media types used during printing operations. Operators are required to ensure that the correct media is loaded for the print job. Although the printer can determine the paper size, it cannot determine the type of media. The operator must update the media information...
    IPCOM000143603D | 2006-Nov-30
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    Red eye is a very common problem in consumer photography. It occurs whenever a flash is used and the light reflecting from the human retina makes the eyes appear red. Previously, the only context used for red eye detection and correction were face detection in the image and flash information in its metadata. This...
    IPCOM000143602D | 2006-Nov-30
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    Paper is supplied in 500 sheet reams whereas high end printers run at > 100 copies per minute. To fill a high capacity feeder (HCF) capable of holding several thousand sheets requires the opening and placing of several pre-packed reams of paper. The single ream packaging generates much waste in paper packaging...
    IPCOM000143601D | 2006-Nov-30
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    A system for determining the location of one or more moving objects within a predetermined space comprising a first transmitting unit arranged to emit a first light beam and to control a first sweeping movement of said first light beam over said predetermined space and a second transmitting unit arranged to emit a...
    IPCOM000143600D | 2006-Nov-30