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    IPCOM000144488D | Original Publication Date: 2006-Dec-31
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    Certain consumer goods, while necessary, may be embarrassing to purchase. For example, a growing number of elderly Americans are developing bladder weakness. These consumers have turned to absorbent articles, such as POISE® pads or DEPEND® undergarments, to help them lead a normal lifestyle. While the absorbent...
    IPCOM000144487D | 2006-Dec-31
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    An improved in-store display concept is discussed. Based on a flower theme, the display is a permanent style display that encourages restocking with active features such as a DVD player/monitor in the top of the display allowing for custom programming to tailor advertising to a specific audience. This display is...
    IPCOM000144486D | 2006-Dec-31
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    In the feminine care market, there is a need to improve the design of ultra thin pads to deliver good fit of both the underwear and the body. A pad design is proposed which comprises a substantially three-dimensional shape such that it fits the underwear and also provides intimate contact with the body. ...
    IPCOM000144485D | 2006-Dec-31
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    This paper describes a new execution of a disposable absorbent product design and a business method to deliver the products on shelf.
    IPCOM000144484D | 2006-Dec-31
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    Absorbent products like infant diapers, training pants, incontinence and feminine care products typically have an absorbent core that comprises cellulose pulp fibers (fluff) and polyacrylate superabsorbent particulate (SAP). If more absorbent material is present in the product, the product is capable of absorbing...
    IPCOM000144483D | 2006-Dec-31
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    Typical absorbent articles come in an outer package containing a plurality of products. The outer package is used to contain the individual products, to advertise the products on store shelves, and to facilitate transportation from the store to the home. Once the outer package is opened, the user is free to remove a...
    IPCOM000144482D | 2006-Dec-31
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    An easy-to-open feature for feminine consumer products is desired for a wide range of products such as pads and liners. For improved opening, we propose using a tab opening feature that is integrated into the opening method for the wrapper. This feature will aid the user in separating the peel strip and wrapper from...
    IPCOM000144481D | 2006-Dec-31
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    IPCOM000144480D | Original Publication Date: 2006-Dec-30
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    An inventory alert system for preventing false out-of-stock alerts by use of radio frequency identification (RFID) technology is discussed. The inventory alert system includes an inventory algorithm that provides an out-of-stock alert that is sufficiently delayed in order to eliminate false out-of-stock alarms. In...
    IPCOM000144479D | 2006-Dec-29