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    This invention is a methodology for analyzing user spending patterns to look for potential savings in consumption spending. In addition, based upon the consumption savings, and/or a desire to increase the user's standard of living, adaptive adjustments are made to the user's investment strategies. The user is an...
    IPCOM000152241D | Original Publication Date: 2007-Apr-26
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    This invention allows biosensors developers to bring sensors to market in a cost-effective modified electronic package. Enclosing the biosensor in a molded TE-EPBGA (thermally enhanced plastic ball grid array) package with a modified heat spreader which gives the biosensor access to the air, gas or liquid being...
    IPCOM000152240D | Original Publication Date: 2007-Apr-26
  3. 23.
    IPCOM000152239D | 2007-Apr-26
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    This paper describes a method for solving the problem of how to make sense of vast and disparate data in modern IT systems and, specifically, how to identify hidden relationships between business and systems data for the purpose of improving system availability, performance management and capacity planning. A number...
    IPCOM000152238D | Original Publication Date: 2007-Apr-26
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    IPCOM000152237D | 2007-Apr-26
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    Our invention solves the problem of how to effectively manage increasingly complex and global business systems, requiring multiple support teams, while using a common IT infrastructure and alerting process. Existing solutions typically impose a centralized, 'top down', 'one size fits all' solution, in which all...
    IPCOM000152236D | Original Publication Date: 2007-Apr-26
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    This article presents an efficient method to execute automated tests against multiple systems simultaneously.
    IPCOM000152235D | Original Publication Date: 2007-Apr-26
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    Disclosed is a method that places a camera on the bottom of a tablet PC to automatically rotate the display when it is held in landscape or portrait modes. Benefits include improving the usability of tablet PCs.
    IPCOM000152229D | 2007-Apr-26
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    Disclosed is a method for an adjustable pressure/sensitivity keyboard and a mouse with image stabilizing software and/or gyroscopic sensors to neutralize unwanted movements associated with hand tremors (e.g. Parkinson's Disease).
    IPCOM000152228D | 2007-Apr-26
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    Disclosed is a method that uses parallel simulated annealing with asynchronous dynamic interaction to achieve a faster convergence speed and better solution quality while predicting 3D protein structures. Benefits include avoiding frequent communication contentions.
    IPCOM000152227D | 2007-Apr-26