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    keyword searching in URL history list of web browser
    IPCOM000153105D | Original Publication Date: 2007-May-24
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    In integration & system testing, one bug of a method may cause lots of test cases unable to run and block the test process. This invention aims to solve the test case block problem caused by the program's bugs, making the testers could continue to run test cases during program bugs fixing, reducing the impact of...
    IPCOM000153104D | Original Publication Date: 2007-May-24
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    IPCOM000153102D | 2007-May-23
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    IPCOM000153101D | 2007-May-23
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    IPCOM000153100D | 2007-May-23
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    IPCOM000153099D | 2007-May-23
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    IPCOM000153098D | 2007-May-23
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    IPCOM000153097D | 2007-May-23
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    The present disclosure relates to a topical formulation of tacrolimus which comprises one or more solubilizing and/or absorption-promoting agents, one or more surfactants and one or more pharmaceutically acceptable vehicles and, process of preparing the same. The present disclosure more specifically relates to the...
    IPCOM000153094D | 2007-May-23
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    Disclosed is a framework that enables software programs to easily use products installed on a system. Typically, program developers are required to learn and understand the behavior of the products, and write code to work with them. This code can be written once in a framework and shared using Application Programming...
    IPCOM000153086D | Original Publication Date: 2007-May-23