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  1. 141.
    An apparatus has been developed to secure a suture sleeve to a lead and secure the assembly to a fascia that may decrease the liklihood of damage to the lead and offer more consistency in the process of securing a lead. The apparatus may replace or partially replace the use of suture for securing leads, and could be...
    IPCOM000153046D | 2007-May-22
  2. 142.
    This document describes a sleeve constructed to fit about and mechanically restrain the ventricles and/or the atria of the heart. The sleeve includes integrated electrodes designed to provide ventricular stimulation and cardiac fat pad stimulation. The electrodes connect to a pulse generator adapted to provide...
    IPCOM000153045D | 2007-May-22
  3. 143.
    This invention is a UI feature to convert phone numbers into "words" e.g 800-555-7625 = 1-800-555-ROCK or "worded numbers," e.g. 1-800-INVENTION into numbers for easy (or just fun) dialing. A user would enter a number and get possible "words" to substitute for their numbers, or when listening to a commercial that...
    IPCOM000153044D | 2007-May-22
  4. 144.
    It would be desirable to prevent most damage caused to electronics/populated printed circuit board (PCB) due to vibration, mechanical shock and impact. This invention involves the placement of small magnets on a PCB. Then, by enclosing the PCB in a housing that contains magnets imbedded into it, the PCB could...
    IPCOM000153043D | 2007-May-22
  5. 145.
    This is a system that allows the interactive voice response (IVR) menus presented to a user to be adjusted based on historical patterns of a user's usage. For example, when a caller calls, a logic component can be used to build historical patterns based on the menu choices a user makes. For example when the user calls...
    IPCOM000153041D | 2007-May-22
  6. 146.
    Due to the high forward voltage of Flash LED a considerable current is required from the battery. For long pulses, like a camera flash, the equivelent series resistance (ESR) is higher then for shorter pulses. This ESR causes the battery voltage to drop propotional to the current. For larger currents a bigger voltage...
    IPCOM000153040D | 2007-May-22
  7. 147.
    This discloses methods that allow a computer end user to manipulate documents and files on a computer desktop in much the same manner as would be done in a real desktop. The user can change the top to bottom order of the materials on the desktop, slide the visible portion of each document around to reveal just the...
    IPCOM000153039D | Original Publication Date: 2007-May-22
  8. 148.
    This article describes a method developed and in use today for collecting and processing db2 database dms container tag information.
    IPCOM000153038D | Original Publication Date: 2007-May-22
  9. 149.
    This paper proposes a design for continuous dry powder processing techniques for solid oral dosage form development. In our view, the processes described will form the basis for a step change in drug product manufacturing processes and provide a platform for the future of drug product processing. The processes are...
    IPCOM000153037D | 2007-May-22
  10. 150.
    An effective way to cope with the complexity of the functional verification of current designs is to build the testbench out of a hierarchy of self-contained reusable components. This allows creating complex real-life scenarios by generating concurrent transactions in the different interfaces of the DUV. With the...
    IPCOM000153033D | 2007-May-22