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  1. 61.
    This disclosure provides a lightweight path selection algorithm which uses the combination of I/O weight statistics based on READ/WRITE I/Os on both host adapters and storage target ports to determine the optimal least weight path; instead of selecting a path merely based on distributing I/O evenly across multiple...
    IPCOM000153144D | Original Publication Date: 2007-May-24
  2. 62.
    Digital media playback devices, such as CD players, MP3 players, and other portable audio and video playback devices often support user functions to manage playback via establishing playlists and playlist modes. The playlist modes often include operations to randomize the order of playback of the tracks/files, often...
    IPCOM000153142D | Original Publication Date: 2007-May-24
  3. 63.
    Method to export XML in a continuous data flow environment like activity logging or streaming with a limited processing overhead.
    IPCOM000153141D | Original Publication Date: 2007-May-24
  4. 64.
    IPCOM000153139D | 2007-May-24
  5. 65.
    The present invention discloses the use of a stamp for each page to order the pages in a cache so that the order is near to that of a strict Least Recently Used, LRU, as provided by a double linked list. The range of the active stamp values is limited to B, an integer. There are N pages in the cache. Each page in...
    IPCOM000153138D | Original Publication Date: 2007-May-24
  6. 66.
    Performance of email devices such as blackberries can be poor depending on phone reception and whether or not you are have coverage like EVDO. Existing technologies have begun to allow these devices to utilize WiFi connections to pull content faster if the local network has that content. But, sometimes the...
    IPCOM000153137D | Original Publication Date: 2007-May-24
  7. 67.
    A program is disclosed that improves usability and provides a mechanism to override preprogrammed behavior of a context sensitive data synchronization or push system. The preprogrammed behavior of the system is defined as a set of predefined filters and context rules. This invention simplifies the management of...
    IPCOM000153136D | Original Publication Date: 2007-May-24
  8. 68.
    This idea generally regards holding stents during a coating process. More particularly, the present idea provides stent fixtures that securely couples stents during the application of a coating while minimizing compressive and tensile forces applied to the stents and disruptions to the coating due to holder blockage...
    IPCOM000153135D | 2007-May-24
  9. 69.
    In der medizinischen Bildgebung werden zunehmend Geraete mit Hybridmodalitaeten wie beispielsweise PET-CT (Positronen-Emissions-Tomographie - Computertomographie) oder MRT-PET (Magnetresonanztomographie - Positronen-Emissions-Tomographie) eingesetzt. Bei diesen Geraeten werden zwei unterschiedliche bildgebende...
    IPCOM000152308D | Original Publication Date: 2007-May-24
  10. 70.
    In jedem Modul eines modularen Mikroprozesssystems ist eine eigene Elektronik und Sensorik zur Steuerung der modulinternen Funktionen integriert. Diese Elektronik ist ├╝ber einen industriellen Kommunikationsbus (z.B. PROFIBUS) mit der ├╝bergeordneten Automatisierung (z.B. auf Basis von SIMATIC PCS 7) verbunden. Das...
    IPCOM000152307D | Original Publication Date: 2007-May-24