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    IPCOM000154412D | Original Publication Date: 2007-Jun-30
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    System and method for calculating and presenting brokerage investment account balances (particularly, funds available for withdrawal or FAW) are disclosed.
    IPCOM000154410D | 2007-Jun-29
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    Stress memorization technique (SMT), disposable spacer, dual silicide and dual contact etch-stop-liner (ESL) stressors are integrated together to improve both N-type and P-type MOSFET performance. The integration of dual silicide process into SMT and dual ESL stressors does not require any extra photo-patterning...
    IPCOM000154409D | 2007-Jun-29
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    DFT (Design for Test) vector simulation time is increasing drastically with the complexity and size of today’s integrated circuits. The number of DFT vectors generated increases with the size of DUT (Device under Test) which in-turn increases simulation time. DFT simulations with back-annotated SDF consume enormous...
    IPCOM000154408D | 2007-Jun-29
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    This invention incorporates a well screen with an inflow control device to provide a predetermined flow rate and pressure drop through an expanded screen. This invention also disclosed a drainage layer that allows production from the entire screen jacket.
    IPCOM000154407D | 2007-Jun-29
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    This publication allows advertisers to plot courses to business establishments on travellers GPS units, allowing the traveller to easily locate relevant business establishments on their projected course without the need for a mobile internet / satellite service nor the use of their hands.
    IPCOM000154405D | Original Publication Date: 2007-Jun-29
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    Disclosed is a method of modeling and execution of custom web-based workflow management applications based on the model metadata without the need for the software development
    IPCOM000154404D | Original Publication Date: 2007-Jun-29
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    A comprehensive project risk management methodology that expands on the traditional "Project Management Body of Knowledge" (PMBOK) risk management approach is presented. The described worksheet-enabled methodology (and related systems) includes the operational risks that will be introduced to the subject business by...
    IPCOM000154400D | 2007-Jun-29
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    The synthesis and characterisation data of maraviroc intermediates.
    IPCOM000154399D | 2007-Jun-29
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    A method of optional suppression of televised sports commentary is discussed. This method enables a business process of initiating a customer account charge upon selection of the optional audio commentary suppression feature. The SAP (Secondary Audio Program) capability is the basis for the embodiment of the business...
    IPCOM000154395D | Original Publication Date: 2007-Jun-29