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    Millions of Americans suffer from cardiac arrhythmia (irregular heart rhythm). One of the first fully automated ablation system supporting an open-loop irrigated catheter is now available in the U.S is the system incorporates the Thermocool Irrigated Tip Catheter and Coolflow Pump from Biosense Webster, Inc., with the...
    IPCOM000157720D | 2007-Aug-31
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    Present methods of delivering refrigerant to a cryoablation catheter have two strategies available to them: deliver the liquid refrigerant at high pressure at ambient temperature, or refrigerate it first and deliver it at a lower pressure. The latter is difficult to achieve because of the need for effective counter...
    IPCOM000157719D | 2007-Aug-31
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    Thermal decay can be used to determine tissue thickness after a tissue ablation process, such as by using microwave energy. The principle is thicker tissue temperature will decay more slowly than thinner tissue given the same heat sink, which may be, for example, blood flow within a blood vessel....
    IPCOM000157718D | 2007-Aug-31
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    TTY users are unable to take advantage of features similar to autotext, these are large dictionaries which when the user is typing when finding key words will replace the text with a phrase or word from a dictionary. They are also unable to edit the text if they make a mistake since data in TTY is sent in...
    IPCOM000157717D | 2007-Aug-31
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    The job throttler consists of a set of buckets of over the air jobs and queue for storing pending jobs. As jobs arrive they are added to the queue. Once the job is queued a request is made for the next job to be sent. If there is at least one empty bucket, then the next job is popped off the queue, the job is stored...
    IPCOM000157716D | 2007-Aug-31
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    We currently have several different service plans as well as different external mail sources. Each the service plan provides a different set of features. Some features overlap between service plans, some are mutually exclusive. Also, each external mail source has a set of capabilities that the mail source provides,...
    IPCOM000157715D | 2007-Aug-31
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    To provide the same functionality as the dedicated Bluetooth pucks do, provide GPS information from a wireless device GPS chipset to a remote user over Bluetooth. We don't have to provide the NMEA string, instead we can perhaps provide GPSLocation objects.
    IPCOM000157714D | 2007-Aug-31
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    Users on cellular devices usually are restricted by the amount of data they can send and receive, which makes every request made from a device to a server very important to serviced both quickly while ensuring high levels of compression for the end user. This is true for accessing media such as websites, e-mail...
    IPCOM000157713D | 2007-Aug-31
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    We have people who are interested in the results of held meetings, but are not officially on the invitee list. When the duration of the event has passed the organizer will get a reminder to notify any interested persons of the results from the meeting. For a meeting that requires follow up by the organizer, upon...
    IPCOM000157712D | 2007-Aug-31
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    Current methods of creating Avaya® Call Management System (CMS) user accounts are slow and labor-intensive. They require repeated manual steps for the creation of each CMS user account on each CMS server. Improved processes are presented that automate current methods. Results of the improved processes include reduced...
    IPCOM000157710D | 2007-Aug-31