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    This publication presents a method for analyzing a single-via (or contact) interface at a specific failure-site in an integrated circuit. The method enables us to precisely locate and prepare a specific fault-isolated feature (e.g., single-via or contact site) for Scanning Auger (or other) analysis to enable...
    IPCOM000159858D | 2007-Oct-31
  2. 2.
    We strongly believe that in large and complicated communications system such as we have today, the system usually gives an early signs before major failures occurs. These signs can be external and internal. Recognizing, detection and understanding those early signs can assist in prediction and preventing system...
    IPCOM000159857D | Original Publication Date: 2007-Oct-31
  3. 3.
    A unique method is defined for identification, notification, resolution, and synchronization of event conflicts that could occur due to context based dependencies across heterogeneous mobile user communities. An EVENT CONFLICT RESOLUTION Algorithm is designed upon web based services model that gathers calendar events...
    IPCOM000159856D | Original Publication Date: 2007-Oct-31
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    In this document we propose an architectural solution for handover between wide area and short range networks. We suggest to organize wide area and short range deployments in different IP subnetworks, in order to increase scalability and facilitate the management at the network layer. Then, we introduce a hierarchy of...
    IPCOM000159855D | Original Publication Date: 2007-Oct-31
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    Users often have a text message conversation with people. That is, they receive (and send) texts to the same number several times within one conversation causing the text message store to rapidly fill unless they manually delete messages. When the store becomes full the user will have to delete existing messages in...
    IPCOM000159854D | Original Publication Date: 2007-Oct-31
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    Realtime mission critical multimedia applications are targeted toward groups and are increasingly using network-layer multicast addressing to efficiently route application data, voice and video to the group members. In addition, the group members are wireless increasing the probability that multicast packets will be...
    IPCOM000159853D | Original Publication Date: 2007-Oct-31
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    When a radiation is incident upon a media due to vibrational modes Stokes and Antistokes modes are excited. These shifts are temperature and pressure dependent. Normally the excited radiation is incoherent. By designing a cavity a Raman laser can be constructed and such laser can be used to monitor temperature and...
    IPCOM000159852D | 2007-Oct-31
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    Thanks to personalisation technology, personal video recorders are able to automatically record television programmes which are deemed of interest to users. Such a system however, to be truly effective, also requires a mechanism for users to easily control what content is recorded in order to avoid the system to...
    IPCOM000159851D | Original Publication Date: 2007-Oct-31
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    A novel calendar and phonebook assistance system is proposed to search for words and sentences in phone conversations that are relevant to calendars and phonebooks and automatically enter or modify meeting appointments and phonebook entries in the calendar and phonebook applications to incorporate new information that...
    IPCOM000159850D | Original Publication Date: 2007-Oct-31
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    A system is described herein that detects, profiles and configures mobile devices in a mobile web hosting and development environment. A device profiler detects an http request from a mobile browser and determines whether or not the mobile browser is a known browser. The system utilizes a browser capabilities...
    IPCOM000159849D | Original Publication Date: 2007-Oct-31