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  1. 121.
    Disclosed is a solution for enabling extended attributes managed via privileges through Role Based Access Control
    IPCOM000160532D | Original Publication Date: 2007-Nov-19
  2. 122.
    In the manufacture of absorbent articles, a variety of materials can be used as intake layers to bring exuded body fluids into contact with underlying absorbent layers. Aperturing of nonwoven materials is commonly done to provide large openings in the material to permit rapid intake of body fluids. In general, intake...
    IPCOM000160531D | 2007-Nov-19
  3. 123.
    This invention is about a new way to allow the user to quickly access information about a specific menu item. This is accomplished by placing a visual cue on the menu item, that is separately selectable and always enabled. In this case, if the user is confused by the menu item, an instant access to detailed...
    IPCOM000160529D | Original Publication Date: 2007-Nov-19
  4. 124.
    Organizations often send out mass mailings of meeting invitations to area events or detailed instructions pertaining to new corporate processes or new installation procedures. Often these messages have embedded pictures or screen views and are thus, very large in terms of their storage requirements. There can be...
    IPCOM000160528D | Original Publication Date: 2007-Nov-19
  5. 125.
    In this disclosure we describe an efficient and reliable software system that takes weather, occasion, style, as well as the user’s ever changing size into consideration when selecting clothing items for the user. The design is such that based on the pre-set criteria, such as events or occasions for the day and the...
    IPCOM000160527D | Original Publication Date: 2007-Nov-19
  6. 126.
    This disclosure describes an email composing system that enables a sender to restrict which recipients of an email message can view which portions of it.
    IPCOM000160526D | Original Publication Date: 2007-Nov-19
  7. 127.
    IPCOM000160525D | 2007-Nov-19
  8. 128.
    IPCOM000160524D | 2007-Nov-19
  9. 129.
    IPCOM000160499D | Original Publication Date: 2007-Nov-18
  10. 130.
    The concept of channel binding allows applications to establish that the two end-points of a secure channel at one network layer are the same as at a higher layer by binding authentication at the higher layer to the channel at the lower layer. This allows applications to delegate session protection to lower layers,...
    IPCOM000160498D | Original Publication Date: 2007-Nov-01