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    With powerful editing tools available today, it is relatively easy to maliciously modify Digital media and transplant "perfect" forgeries in its place. Fragile watermark is designed to solve this problem. However, because of the development of malicious attacks, current fragile watermark techniques cannot satisfy the...
    IPCOM000160800D | 2007-Nov-29
  2. 22.
    Systems and methods for self-service purchase of pre-approved life insurance are provided. These systems and methods are particularly well suited for web-based implementation.
    IPCOM000160798D | 2007-Nov-29
  3. 23.
    Retroreflective Thermoplastic Pavement Markings As our population ages, improving the low-light visibility characteristics of pavement markings is important to increasing overall highway safety. This disclosure describes some exemplary materials and methods that improve durability of nighttime visibility and wet...
    IPCOM000160796D | 2007-Nov-29
  4. 24.
    Providing insurance customers with timely claim response and funding in the aftermath of a force-of-nature catastrophe may be accomplished through an advanced logistics rapid response vehicle. Catastrophe deployment pods allow logistics support teams to configure a logistics response package suitable to address the...
    IPCOM000160795D | 2007-Nov-29
  5. 25.
    A novel method for purifying Montelukast acid form by means of crystallisation of piperazine salts having the advantage of giving a high purity product in elevated yield has been described.
    IPCOM000160794D | 2007-Nov-29
  6. 26.
    A specially designed wheel casing for wheel chairs has an affixed Active RFID tag. As the wheel turns, two magnets rub together, one on the wheel housing and one on the wheel itself, creating an electrical charge that is routed to charge the Active RFID battery.
    IPCOM000160793D | Original Publication Date: 2007-Nov-29
  7. 27.
    This invention defines the essential high level processing flow for a new e-commerce protocol that can be used to avoid front-counter queuing at regular retail stores. This new e-commerce protocol will be referred to as "Short Order Service" (SOS). A short order product offering would typically be characterized as a...
    IPCOM000160792D | Original Publication Date: 2007-Nov-29
  8. 28.
    IPCOM000160791D | 2007-Nov-29
  9. 29.
    A method of enhanced air calibration is presented. The method includes establishing an air calibration database, where the air calibration database may be established by obtaining a plurality of scans at each of a plurality of combination of parameters. Further, the method includes offset correcting and view...
    IPCOM000160789D | 2007-Nov-29
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    A method of enhancing navigation through an image volume is presented. The method includes simultaneously displaying a graphical representation of current location in the image volume along with a current view of the image volume. In addition, the method includes providing a user a plurality of paths and/or planes...
    IPCOM000160788D | 2007-Nov-29