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    IPCOM000160622D | 2007-Nov-23
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    IPCOM000160612D | Original Publication Date: 2007-Nov-23
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    IPCOM000160611D | 2007-Nov-22
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    IPCOM000160610D | 2007-Nov-22
  5. 85.
    IPCOM000160609D | 2007-Nov-22
  6. 86.
    Disclosed is a device to measure a parcel size automatically with infrared beam sensors which face each others.
    IPCOM000160602D | Original Publication Date: 2007-Nov-22
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    Disclosure is new structure of Customer Information File (CIF) for Japanese banking system. Key of CIF is customer ID and branch information is under account information. So, account information is independent from branches.
    IPCOM000160601D | Original Publication Date: 2007-Nov-22
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    Disclosed is a system of attaching additional information into a digital picture file which is taken by cell phone camera or digital camera set on a car. Recently, people can easily take pictures everywhere by using cell phone's camera. And people upload these pictures to their homepages or weblogs. But people...
    IPCOM000160599D | Original Publication Date: 2007-Nov-22
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    IPCOM000160598D | Original Publication Date: 2007-Nov-22
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    During drilling, formation fluids in a near-wellbore zone are displaced by drilling mud filtrate as a result of pressure overbalance. The depth of the invasion zone usually varies from 0.3 m in the first hours after the drilling to the 1-1.5 m within next several days. Since salt concentrations of the mud and...
    IPCOM000160596D | 2007-Nov-21