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    As a result of this invention, it is envisioned that the result will be: - A sensor attachment onto an absorbent product that uses perimeter hooks for engagement into the outer cover - A sensor attachment onto an absorbent product that uses co-adhesive for engagement onto the outer cover. - A sensor attachment onto an...
    IPCOM000165728D | 2007-Dec-31
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    A wetness sensing absorbent article can also be thought of as a wetness sensing system. This system can be broken into several key components: 1) a wetness sensing device; 2) the absorbent article; and 3) wetness sensing elements. The wetness sensing device, from hereinafter referred to as the device, is an...
    IPCOM000165727D | 2007-Dec-31
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    Product fullness sensors have been designed to attach to products to determine when the product is saturated and requires replacement. These fullness gages can be placed at various locations in the product. Some gage locations provide improved fullness sensing, but are more prone to causing product leakage by...
    IPCOM000165726D | 2007-Dec-31
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    This invention related to improved coform material that can be used as a cooling training aid in a training pant product or as a fullness sensor/indicator in feminine care and adult care pads and pants. Coform material can make an efficacious cooling training aid. This invention make coform material more efficacious...
    IPCOM000165725D | 2007-Dec-31
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    This invention is an alternative method of instruction necessary for the attached device to function properly. It is also an effective packaging design to ensure product care in shipping an electronic device.
    IPCOM000165724D | 2007-Dec-31
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    It has been proven that if the new device is packaged in the “open” state, the consumer readily understands how the device is to be used. The “open” state of the example device is defined as the state of the device where features critical to the device’s functionality grab the consumer’s attention either through...
    IPCOM000165723D | 2007-Dec-31
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    Each of the types of conductors mentioned may or may not lend themselves to certain evaluation techniques- that is to say they have different risks or drawbacks that could cause them to fail (i.e. lose conductivity). These include elongations, perhaps due to draws on our machines, folding or creasing in packaging or...
    IPCOM000165722D | 2007-Dec-31
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    It is simple and desirable to give verbal or voice sounds or instructions to the child as well. It has been proven by researchers that a voice sounder may be more effective than typical alarm sounds in awakening a child. It also may provide the benefit of providing instruction to the child about what to do upon...
    IPCOM000165721D | 2007-Dec-31
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    There are three main aspects to this publication: 1) a wireless enuresis alarm that will be in the “on” or “wetness sensing” mode only when the electronic sensing circuit is attached to a disposable product 2) feedback is given once the sensing circuit has been attached to the product, letting the caregiver and child...
    IPCOM000165720D | 2007-Dec-31
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    This invention utilizes a mixture of particle sizes of a material with a negative heat of solution (gets cool when dissolved). The smaller particles proved an immediate cooling. The larger particles take longer to dissolve and provide the long-lasting cooling. For polyols, the range in particle size is about 90 to...
    IPCOM000165719D | 2007-Dec-31