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    A data display device has a base section and a pivotable display section having first and second surfaces on its opposed sides. The first surface carries a main display area and the second surface carries an auxiliary display area. The main display area and the auxiliary display area are formed by opposing surfaces of...
    IPCOM000167137D | 2008-Jan-31
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    Delivery of documents to customers via electronic channels is a win-win situation for businesses and customers. Sometimes convincing customers that electronic delivery of documents would be beneficial for them proves difficult. However, offering positive incentives or rewards in a variety of forms, particularly in...
    IPCOM000167135D | 2008-Jan-31
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    A streamlined needs analysis tool is described that enables a representative or an agent of a financial services company both to gather data about a customer for compliance with “know-your-customer” obligations of NASD Conduct Rules across product lines and also to provide that customer with appropriate...
    IPCOM000167134D | 2008-Jan-31
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    IPCOM000167133D | 2008-Jan-31
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    In der vorliegenden Publikation werden die Eigenschaften von Siliconschäumen denen von Neoprenschäumen gegenübergestellt. Die höhere Dehnbarkeit und Flexibilität, die Wasser- und Winddichtigkeit, die Dämpfungseigenschaften und die Atmungsaktivität von Siliconschäumen eröffnen ihren Einsatz in diversen Bereichen, wie...
    IPCOM000167132D | 2008-Jan-31
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    Disclosed here is a method by which the loading of individual frames/tables contained in a web-page can be customized based on user preference, thereby enhancing the user's overall online experience. The method can be further extended to load frames based on the website's most accessible section, in addition to user...
    IPCOM000167129D | Original Publication Date: 2008-Jan-31
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    IPCOM000167128D | Original Publication Date: 2008-Jan-31
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    The essence of this invention is to have a rack-optimized and attaching instructional poster built with embedded magnets for easy adhesion. Either embedded magnetic strips could be optimally placed in parts of the poster (such as strips on the left-side and right-side matching up to the standard distances between...
    IPCOM000167127D | Original Publication Date: 2008-Jan-31
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    A BladeCenter Storage Subsystem, provides a high speed SAS Switch Module that efficiently separates the HA (Host Adapter) and DA (Device Adapter) traffic. That is, a SAS switch is optimized for an integrated Storage environment while reducing parts count, cost, power, etc.. One SAS Expander is dedicated to HA...
    IPCOM000167126D | Original Publication Date: 2008-Jan-31
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    The primary reason use of a System Management Console is to monitor problems with the user's servers. These problems are usually sent to the interface as log events or problem list. But many times the user doesn't know what to do or where to find the function in the System Management Console UI. This invention will...
    IPCOM000167125D | Original Publication Date: 2008-Jan-31