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    IPCOM000168861D | 2008-Mar-31
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    IPCOM000168860D | 2008-Mar-31
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    IPCOM000168859D | 2008-Mar-31
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    IPCOM000168858D | 2008-Mar-31
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    This article outlines an approach that utilizes B2B Service negotiation for security and qualities of service.
    IPCOM000168857D | Original Publication Date: 2008-Mar-31
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    Symbian OS supports Symbian C++ type development, which is different from Standard C++ and requires a lot of expertise for developing applications. Significant differences between the standard libraries contribute an added effort and time for porting existing applications to Symbian. Then again the Symbian OS build...
    IPCOM000168856D | 2008-Mar-31
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    For an optimized sealing air operation in a gas turbine with variable guide vane operation, the gas turbine system comprises a minimum flow orifice and a pressure regulator, optionally a heat exchanger. The minimum flow orifice and the pressure regulator are arranged in parallel ensuring a guaranteed minimum flow. An...
    IPCOM000168855D | 2008-Mar-31
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    A method of joining ceramics and metals to themselves and to one another is escribed using essentially pure trinickel aluminide and trinickel aluminide containing small amounts of carbon. This method produces strong joints that can withstand high service temperatures and oxidizing environments.
    IPCOM000000300D | Original Publication Date: 1987-Jul-07
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    A low viscosity, non-foaming stripping composition comprising by volume 79% -methylpyrrolidone, 20% monoethanolamine and 1% non-ionic surface active agent is applied at elevated temperatures (around 180 degrees F.) for removing thick (e.g., 10-mil) epoxy coatings and similar chemically resistant coatings from steel...
    IPCOM000000299D | Original Publication Date: 1987-Jul-07
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    A method and apparatus for projecting a laser beam for communication or guidance purposes wherein transmitted energy goes directly to a receiver area without requiring services of slewing or tracking devices. The energy is precisely directed from a laser transmitter on a missile toward a receiver at a tracking area....
    IPCOM000000298D | Original Publication Date: 1987-Jul-07