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    IPCOM000168861D | 2008-Mar-31
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    IPCOM000168860D | 2008-Mar-31
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    IPCOM000168859D | 2008-Mar-31
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    IPCOM000168858D | 2008-Mar-31
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    This article outlines an approach that utilizes B2B Service negotiation for security and qualities of service.
    IPCOM000168857D | Original Publication Date: 2008-Mar-31
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    Symbian OS supports Symbian C++ type development, which is different from Standard C++ and requires a lot of expertise for developing applications. Significant differences between the standard libraries contribute an added effort and time for porting existing applications to Symbian. Then again the Symbian OS build...
    IPCOM000168856D | 2008-Mar-31
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    For an optimized sealing air operation in a gas turbine with variable guide vane operation, the gas turbine system comprises a minimum flow orifice and a pressure regulator, optionally a heat exchanger. The minimum flow orifice and the pressure regulator are arranged in parallel ensuring a guaranteed minimum flow. An...
    IPCOM000168855D | 2008-Mar-31
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    Disclosed is a method to provide intelligent notifications for documents which are marked for Follow-Up A user adds an e-mail to a follow -up if that activity requires attention and it has to be completed in a given time-frame. He can chose to be reminded about it by setting an alarm for a particular date and a...
    IPCOM000168854D | Original Publication Date: 2008-Mar-31
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    A method is disclosed to define a new attribute type framework for LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) directory server, which would describe the usage of the time driven dynamic role (must or may attribute) of the attribute types.This would help directory administrators to set the time driven dynamic role...
    IPCOM000168853D | Original Publication Date: 2008-Mar-31
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    IPCOM000168837D | Original Publication Date: 2008-Mar-31