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  1. 201.
    Disclosed here is a mechanism to minimize the number of database operations involved in the generation and resolution of keys, and to determine whether a key is present in a database table or not for insert or update.
    IPCOM000168721D | Original Publication Date: 2008-Mar-21
  2. 202.
    IPCOM000168720D | Original Publication Date: 2008-Mar-21
  3. 203.
    This invention relates to oral care compositions, such as toothpaste compositions, and more particularly, to a method of improving the efficacy of such compositions containing non-cationic anti-bacterials such as triclosan and an anti-bacterial enhancing agent such as a copolymer of maleic acid or maleic anhydride,...
    IPCOM000168719D | 2008-Mar-20
  4. 204.
    Aqueous compositions containing a hydrophobic material and a water soluble matrix of a water soluble polymer and a water soluble surfactant, in the form of a complex, for stabilizing the hydrophobic material as a nanoparticulate dispersion or emulsion. Disinfectant concentrates featuring such compositions find utility...
    IPCOM000168638D | 2008-Mar-20
  5. 205.
    A notch antenna for the elimination of external interference sources such jamming, self-interference, atmospheric noise and man made noise is provided by a grounded electrically conductive shield placed in the front of an omnidirectional antenna coupled to radio communications apparatus, such as a receiver, whereby...
    IPCOM000000190D | Original Publication Date: 1987-Jan-06
  6. 206.
    Inexpensive hydrates of alumina are used for the production of dense, submicron alumina bodies by conversion of the alumina hydrates to a soluble form which is then used to produce a boehmite gel. The boehmite gel, with very small particles of alpha alumina intimately dispersed therein is dried and fired to...
    IPCOM000000189D | Original Publication Date: 1987-Jan-06
  7. 207.
    An apparatus and method for detecting medium and high atomic weight eleme includes a sampling mechanism for removing particles of an element to be detected from the aerosol and confining the particles to a selected geometry. The aerosol may, for example, be pumped through a filter with the particles being confined on...
    IPCOM000000188D | Original Publication Date: 1987-Jan-06
  8. 208.
    The heat-sensitive components of cables and cable connectors are protected from overheating during vapor phase soldering by enclosing such components in a metal foil bag.
    IPCOM000000187D | Original Publication Date: 1987-Jan-06
  9. 209.
    A recoil simulator is disclosed in which one end of a flexible cable is ached to a weapon and the other end to a system comprising a rotating shaft and a clutch. As the trigger of the weapon is pulled a signal is produced which activates the clutch. The clutch creates a sudden pull on the end of the flexible cable...
    IPCOM000000186D | Original Publication Date: 1987-Jan-06
  10. 210.
    A device for measuring the field of vision for a person wearing a mask indes a mask support to which the mask can be clamped and which is horizontally movable for aligning one of the subject's eyes with a horizontal axis. A scale support carries a scale member that is rotatably mounted around the horizontal axis and...
    IPCOM000000185D | Original Publication Date: 1987-Jan-06