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  1. 211.
    2,2,2-trifluoroethoxy bis(2-fluoro-2,2-dinitroethoxy)methane, CF.sub.3 CHb.2 OCH[OCH.sub.2 CF(NO.sub.2).sub.2 ].sub.2, is an energetic plasticizer useful in plastic-bonded explosives. Of particular importance is its miscibility with fluoropolymers.
    IPCOM000000184D | Original Publication Date: 1987-Jan-06
  2. 212.
    Poly (p-xylylidenes) having a high degree of polymerization in the form of films, foams or highly molecularly oriented films and fibers are chemically modified from insulators to conducting materials by exposure to either p- or n-type dopants. Poly (p-xylylidene) films are cast from aqueous solutions of a poly...
    IPCOM000000183D | Original Publication Date: 1987-Jan-06
  3. 213.
    FIG. 1 shows the adjustable indicating device (11) that is adapted to be mounted to the plate (13) defining a load compartment. The device has a central housing (23) with two wing structures (25, 27) on each side which support conventional switch means (29, 31) having cantilevered arms (61). Extending through the...
    IPCOM000000182D | Original Publication Date: 1987-Jan-06
  4. 214.
    Bis(2-fluoro-2,2-dinitroethoxy)acetonitrile, N.tbd.C--CH[OCH.sub.2 CF(NO..2).sub.2 ].sub.2, is useful as a coplasticizer with bis(2-fluoro-2,2-dinitroethyl)formal in energetic plasticizer mixtures for plastic bonded explosives.
    IPCOM000000181D | Original Publication Date: 1986-Dec-02
  5. 215.
    IPCOM000168637D | Original Publication Date: 2008-Mar-20
  6. 216.
    Consider the case where there is a group of attendees whom a scheduler wants to get together. Finding the nearest time in which all of the attendees are available is in the prior art. However, what is not in the prior art is providing a set of constraints to base the scheduling of the meeting. When scheduling a...
    IPCOM000168636D | Original Publication Date: 2008-Mar-19
  7. 217.
    The remote equalization technique provides a method whereby the equalization required for the portable part (headset) is carried out within the fixed part (base). The headset EQ correction parameters are first stored in the headset. These correction parameters could be fixed for a particular product, or set during...
    IPCOM000168635D | 2008-Mar-19
  8. 218.
    Disclosed is a system designed for testing of web applications under real-world conditions. Testing such systems is typically difficult because it requires construction of artificial usage scenarios which may not truly represent the production environment. This system captures necessary data from requests in the...
    IPCOM000168634D | Original Publication Date: 2008-Mar-19
  9. 219.
    IPCOM000168633D | 2008-Mar-19
  10. 220.
    A column of flat articles such as chip carrier lids (10) are assembled in a tube (35). A base (18) supports a typical row of such lids (10), each with a back surface (14) on the base (18) and a mating surface (15) facing upward. The base (18) also has an aperture (30) for passing serially downward therethrough, each...
    IPCOM000000180D | Original Publication Date: 1986-Dec-02