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    IPCOM000168808D | 2008-Mar-27
  2. 72.
    An optical alignment device for binocular displays is provided which comprises a pair of objective lenses and adjacent lens apertures for receiving the images transmitted along the two optical axes of the binocular display and optical folding means in the form of folding mirrors, right-angle prisms, or the like,...
    IPCOM000000260D | Original Publication Date: 1987-Apr-07
  3. 73.
    A superior hermetic seal for ceramic modules is presented. The case base ber is provided with metallization around the periphery of the cavity. The case cover is provided with metallization not only to mate with the metallization of the base, but the cover metallization extends onto the thickness edge. The dimensions...
    IPCOM000000259D | Original Publication Date: 1987-Apr-07
  4. 74.
    A breeder material for use in a breeder blanket of a nuclear reactor is disclosed. The breeder material comprises a core material of lithium containing ceramic particles which has been coated with a neutron multiplier such as Be or BeO, which coating has a higher thermal conductivity than the core material.
    IPCOM000000258D | Original Publication Date: 1987-Apr-07
  5. 75.
    Process and apparatus for dewatering slurry recovered from waste water, generated in the production and treatment of metals, are provided in which the flocculated slurry is first dewatered mechanically to provide a water output which is returned upstream for further treatment, and a sludge output containing about...
    IPCOM000133920D | Original Publication Date: 1987-Apr-07
  6. 76.
    A dry powder aerosolizer for both dispersing and investigating the propers, behavior and measurement of airborne particles has a cylinder and a piston head dividing the cylinder into first and second sub-chambers. The first sub-chamber contains a quantity of dry powder and the second sub-chamber has an inlet opening...
    IPCOM000000256D | Original Publication Date: 1987-Apr-07
  7. 77.
    There is disclosed an aircraft wheel stop and tie-down arrangement for the dge of an aircraft carrier (or other type ships with aviation capability) having flight or elevator decks whereby an aircraft may be secured thereon with a portion of the aircraft extending over the edge, yet restrained from movement.
    IPCOM000000255D | Original Publication Date: 1987-Apr-07
  8. 78.
    An apparatus and method for testing the performance of a sample charcoal orbent material. The apparatus comprises means for supplying a gaseous sample containing toxic contaminants to a filtering means. The filtering means includes a filter tube containing a sample charcoal adsorbent material for adsorbing the toxic...
    IPCOM000000254D | Original Publication Date: 1987-Apr-07
  9. 79.
    A method is disclosed for increasing the volume yield of expanded vermiculite obtained by exfoliation of vermiculite ore particles. The method comprises the sequential steps of applying vegetable oil to the vermiculite ore particles and thermally exfoliating the vermiculite ore particles.
    IPCOM000000253D | Original Publication Date: 1987-Apr-07
  10. 80.
    Energetic branched polynitrodiols of the formula ##STR1## wherein Z is --C(NO.sub.2).sub.3, --CF(NO.sub.2).sub.2, --C(NO.sub.2).su CH.sub.3, or --N(NO.sub.2)CH.sub.3, and a method of preparation. These diols are useful as components of energetic binders for plastic-bonded explosives.
    IPCOM000000252D | Original Publication Date: 1987-Apr-07