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  1. 81.
    This invention provides a filling needle holder assembly for use in automatic container filling machines which comprises an integral hub section, collar and shaft; a non-integral hub section, and filling needle restricting means at the needle nozzle end of the shaft, said integral and non-integral hub sections...
    IPCOM000000251D | Original Publication Date: 1987-Apr-07
  2. 82.
    Disclosed is simple and effective extension to CAPTCHA technique. The webpage provides a picture with different regions and a challenge question. User requires to clicks on the correct area according the question challenged. For example, the webpages provide a picture that has for four regions on it and there is a...
    IPCOM000168807D | Original Publication Date: 2008-Mar-27
  3. 83.
    IPCOM000168805D | Original Publication Date: 2008-Mar-27
  4. 84.
    Disclosed is a new feature for instant messaging to facilitate the multi-threaded conversation scenario. User can explicitly specify which message he would like to respond to, and his response along with the associated original message will then be transferred and displayed in the other party's instant messaging...
    IPCOM000168804D | Original Publication Date: 2008-Mar-27
  5. 85.
    This publication discloses 3 embodiments to fill contact structures: electroless processes of CoWP, NiP, Pt, etc.; electroplating to bottom up fill the recesses making electrical contact to the backside of the Si substrates; using bipolar contact-less electrodeposition setup to fill recesses.
    IPCOM000168803D | Original Publication Date: 2008-Mar-26
  6. 86.
    Bei einem Power-MOSFET (Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor) koennen Ionen aufgrund von Belastungen wie erhoehte Temperaturen sowie Gate-Stress von der Source-Metall-Kante in das Kanalgebiet diffundieren. Dadurch entstehen Einsatzspannungsdriften, welche die Lebensdauer eines Power-MOSFETs...
    IPCOM000168530D | Original Publication Date: 2008-Mar-26
  7. 87.
    Up to now, manufacturing of capacitors with high density capacitance and freely fixable voltage range is still a problem. Often, this problem is solved by adapting technology of the production flow to process steps which are appropriate for building capacitor armatures using planar dielectric layer between two or more...
    IPCOM000168529D | Original Publication Date: 2008-Mar-26
  8. 88.
    Virtuelle Steuerungen und Simulationen werden eingesetzt, um die Eigenschaften von realen Anlagen vorauszusagen und betriebsbegleitend Anlagenzustaende fruehzeitig zu erkennen. Es besteht speziell im Konstruktionsablauf fuer automatisierungstechnische Anlagen wachsender Bedarf an Simulation fuer die fruehzeitige...
    IPCOM000168528D | Original Publication Date: 2008-Mar-26
  9. 89.
    In the fields of gesture recognition, face detection, image content filtering and human motion capturing a system for extracting skin colors within changing illumination conditions in real time and for implementations with low processing power and small storage capacity is not known up to the present moment. Two...
    IPCOM000168514D | Original Publication Date: 2008-Mar-26
  10. 90.
    Industrielle CNC-Steuerungen (Computer Numerically Controlled) besitzen einen Bildschirm, ueber den sie bedient werden. Auf dem Bildschirm werden Bedienbilder visualisiert, welche Ein- und Ausgabefelder haben. Um einen Wert eingeben zu koennen, muss der Schreibzeiger (Cursor) auf das entsprechende Eingabefeld gesetzt...
    IPCOM000168513D | Original Publication Date: 2008-Mar-26